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Why We Love to Coach at FIT

Coaching for us at FIT isn’t just something we do as a job. It’s our passion.

I want to be specific about this because it’s not our passion to train ourselves daily and show off our gains to our Athletes.

Nor is it about coming in and finding new ways to make our Athletes pay for their weekend sins of bloody marys, booze and fried foods.

We are passionate about coaching because coaches want the best for the people they serve! That is what fills our cup.

I know that when I leave the gym late after being there early that morning, it could be challenging to get up the next day and do it again.

But, when I get someone who expresses how truly impactful the training and my coaching has been on their life or even their demeanor that day, it’s like a battery recharge.

Look, I think coaching is a lucrative field. Few people retire from a coaching position with a massive pension and trust funds for all their kids. But, it’s not the money that makes it lucrative.

It’s the impact we have on people.

Each and every coach thinks at some point, they are going to change the world. “I know how amazing this can be for someone’s life, why wouldn’t everyone want to get healthy!”

But we can’t. We can impact those who truly want to change and those that trust us. Personally, I think trust is best built face to face which is why our Gym is and always will be in-person.

COVID has had an impact on this. People who trust us implicitly but have health issues haven’t been back to the Gym. But we still care about them. They are still part of our family and hearing how they are thriving with their training at home fills our cup up almost as much as seeing it in real time.

That’s where the idea to use MyZone heart rate monitors came in. It’s a technology we have already integrated into FIT, it allows for a user to put in on, anywhere, get their training in and have us see how hard they pushed and know that it actually happened!

If I pull up our dashboard of clients using the MyZone belts and see that at the end of December, every single one got at least their minimum MEP count, I know we are impacting not just physical health but mental health for our people.

And folks, through this winter of 2020, mental health is MORE critical than physical health. So if we hit Spring with our FIT Family more mentally strong than ever, my cup will be overflowing!



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