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What is FIT Strong?

“We are FIT Strong!” That is the mantra in our gym. One our FIT community claims loud and proud.

FIT Strong starts on day one. Everyone in our gym begins somewhere, wants to keep bettering themselves and might even find new, healthy hobbies along the way.

This is a lot of what FIT Strong embodies: the ability to be comfortable walking into our gym, doing so on a very consistent basis, working your butt off, or ON depending on your goals, and going home more knowledgeable so you can continue bettering yourself outside of FIT too.

When our Athletes embrace the idea of FIT Strong, it becomes so much more…

Sure we have women who started off wanting to lose body fat, look good in a bikini, impress their old college friends, or get back to pre-baby weight.

And they accomplish that.

But they are also the ones doing push ups and pull ups for the first time in their lives, learning how to squat and deadlift correctly, and feeling confident in their (strong) bodies.

That’s just in the gym.

What really makes being FIT Strong unique is the effects our Athletes see once they leave the gym.

Here at FIT we are Coaches not just trainers. We work hard to instill a mindset of acting like an Athlete in all walks of life.

What is an Athlete to us?

Someone who is dedicated, focused, intelligent and has the work ethic to excel at all aspects of life: family, work and play! That person understands a certain level of healthy selfishness is necessary to maintain the energy to juggle all the balls life throws at us.

And it’s that mentality that our Athletes carry to all walks of life and all times of the day.

  • Our Athletes eat better because they understand the impact good quality food has on their energy levels.
  • Our Athletes drink plenty of water throughout the day because they recognize the need for the body to stay hydrated. Doing so allows them to recover well from their workouts and come refreshed and re-engaged for their next training session, both in and outside of FIT.
  • Our Athletes take the time to seek out better sleeping habits: like using blackout curtains, sleep apps, an evening pre-bedtime routine or just strategizing to get more sleep. They might even set sleep PRs (Personal Records): consecutive days going to bed at the same time, not hitting snooze, or getting 7+ hours of sleep.

And the most important part of being FIT Strong is the idea that you and everyone else at FIT are on this journey together.

Each Athlete might be at a different place, but everyone supports one another to achieve the goals they’ve set and the goals they haven’t yet realized they are chasing.

What can you do RIGHT NOW to get FIT Strong?

  1. Find someone in your life who supports your goals for health, fitness, and strength
  2. Hold that person accountable and have them do the same for you
  3. Find a coach, NOT just a trainer, who can educate you on all the aspects necessary to become an Athlete for Life. (if you aren’t in the Madison area, don’t worry. Shoot me a message and I might be able to help you find someone where you live that can help you out!)

Remember more than just a gym, we are a community, a way of life, and a place to belong.

WE are FIT Strong!

Coach Jared