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What If You Could Be a Kid Again?


by Jared Markiewicz, ACSM-CPT, YFS, TPI CGFI

It’s been a long week at work. You have had way too much work to do and not enough time to do it. Your brain has been throbbing and your body is worn down from all the stress.

But, it’s all good because now you get to take your son to the park so he can play. Michael is 10 now, and he loves to climb up the monkey bars and go flying across them. And he LOVES that cool spider web thing with all the ropes; he can spend seemingly endless amounts of time just weaving himself through there finding a new challenge every other minute.

And you? Well, you sit on the bench just outside the edge of the playground, watching in envy as he goes about his business of having fun. I mean, you are 44, and not only is it childish to go play on the monkey bars, your body would never handle it. You would wake up tomorrow morning and be sore EVERYWHERE. So, you sit.

Just then, an old man sits next to you, weathered, dressed in a nice Sunday suit typical of a church going senior citizen. “Son, is that your boy out there?” he asked.

“Yes it is, isn’t it great watching a child play?” you reply.

“You know, compared to me, you are still a child,” he says in his ragged old voice.

“Ha ha, well I suppose it’s all relative,” you respond.

He pats your shoulder as he gets up and walks away, “Yes, it most certainly is my friend, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.”

All of a sudden, you feel a wave of energy surge through you. Your body no longer aches, the weight of all the things you didn’t get done disappears, and all you can think about is the possibility of skipping not just 1 but 2 rungs on the monkey bars.

“What did that man do to me?” you think out loud as you look at your hands.Up until the point of some man providing you youthful energy you hadn’t experienced since you were in your teens, most parents have experienced the exact same scenario.

But what if you had the energy and care-free attitude of a 10-year-old again? Would you go climb the monkey bars, swing on the swings, play tag, get yourself all wound up in the ropes to then try to get out without touching the ground?

I know I would!

Too often we think about image, “The other parents would think I’m weird or creepy if I went and played with my kid, so I’ll just sit here on the bench and watch.”

I want you to be a kid again! Seriously, go out and PLAY with your friends, with your kid and his/her friends, go to a playground and swing on some swings and climb on monkey bars with your spouse.

Sure, you may not be able to go back and forth, then back and forth AND back and forth again anymore on the monkey bars, but WHO CARES!?!?!

If we spent a little time every week with a carefree, fun loving attitude, how much better could life be?

The answer is: You need to find out yourself! Go out and play this week, and then play again on the weekend. I challenge you to spend at least 30 minutes of carefree time twice a week.

Nike says, “Just Do It!”

ADAPT and Conquer

Coach Jared