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Turn Big for Big Drives

It’s Springtime and the golf courses opened back up in Wisconsin April 24th. So even if we are still in our “safer at home” order, it’s time to crank up your training so you don’t crank up your back!

As a golfer, you need to be able to rotate well around a sturdy foundation and then drive into the golf ball holding that torque until the last second to pound the crap out of the ball and impress your friends.

Since we don’t have access to the typical gym equipment, here are 3 exercises to do just that!

  1. Dimmel Deadlift
    It’s key that you have something (bag of sand, potting soil etc.) that has weight that can shift so you can intentionally put some of that weight ahead of your hands in this exercise.
    The key is to bend down keeping a hollowed position with your upper body and NOT push your hips back. This forces you to use your inner hamstrings, semimembranosus and semitendinosus, to control the weight down and stand back up.
    Therefore, we also don’t need full extension here, we want to avoid it. The idea is to put so much tension on the inner hamstring muscles that they are ready to separate your foundation of the feet on the ground in the golf swing from the torque your upper body and hips will be creating!


  1. Half Kneeling Reach and Rotate
    This is a great one to use on the links before you step on the first tee, or even the range. You get some serious ab/oblique work here and develop separation of the upper body from the lower body, creating what is known as the X-factor.
    The key here is to not let your trunk get lazy. As you reach and rotate, the obliques should be firing on all cylinders and may even cause a cramp for those that haven’t done much moving recently. That is okay!
    Do both sides 3-6 times depending how much you feel you need or how restricted you are. There will also be a difference between R and L so pay attention to that and devote more time to the restricted side.


  1. Carioca
    Classic high school sports drill but also awesome to do to coordinate the rotation and snap back you want with your golf swing.
    For the gym rats who think that big strong muscles will translate to the golf course, think again. Fluidity is key in the golf swing and the athleticism associated with a smooth Carioca on both sides translates tremendously to the actual golf swing.
    Start slow if it’s been awhile or if you haven’t ever done this. Then progressively speed it up, making the movement more fluid and “graceful” (I know hard for some, including me!)
    Oh and don’t use this one on the course before you practice it. No one wants to be doing Carioca and fall on their ass 🙂

Try these out over the next few weeks and see if you gain some sneaky yards on your drives and iron shots!

Coach Jared


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