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Training to create happy and healthy former athletes

At some point, competitive athletics ends for EVERYONE. So now what do they do?

For most athletes, unless they are extremely broken following sport, staying healthy and fit is important to them and keeping them involved with training can be a great “next thing”

Finding the right training environment can be fun, challenging and competitive, making it feel like the sport they played growing up and fell in love with!

We have former athletes 10/15/20 years removed who find an environment at FIT that checks all the boxes while making sure they are still doing things the right way for their body NOW, not when they were a competitive athlete.

Additionally, we now have college athletes who are just graduating returning with the intent to train for the fun of it and have bought into strength being a lifelong endeavor.

Both scenarios result in more people learning how fun training can be and help us build family cultures around strength, training and all the outside factors involved (nutrition, recovery, hydration). The more families like this, the better our future looks!

If you’d like more information on how to make training fun again, please reach out and I’d be happy to help:


Coach Jared