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Tips to Avoid Quasimoto Posture

Quasimodo was The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

No one wants to be The Hunchback of [town you currently live in]

Thus, it’s time to address poor posture and rounded shoulders before it’s too late.

Plus, there is evidence supporting an increase in confidence with good posture, so why wouldn’t you want to feel as confident about yourself as possible? Seems obvious right?

So let’s set you up for success with 3 simple strategies at various times of the day.

#1: Get the Day Started – Start the morning off with shoulder rolls forward and backward. Do that 10-15 times per direction or until the shoulders feel fatigued. Follow that up with some great Thoracic Spine activators.

Grab the back of your head with your hands and then use your upper chest muscles to push the elbows together. Pause briefly then squeeze the upper back muscles while exhaling to open the elbows up. Again repeat for 10-15 reps or until fatigue sets in.

#2: All Day – Get the heck out of your chair! Good, now let’s do something productive.

In a standing position, drive your chest through as far as you can. Any other body parts come along for the ride while doing this are great. Then reverse this position (tends to be much harder for most people) and push the back through. Again you might feel glutes, abs, shoulders and upper back all trying to join the party. Just tell them, “if you are going to ride along, then pull some weight!”

#3: Training Prep – Do the all day posture in quadruped to get the trunk ready to stabilize during training via everyone’s favorite: Cat/Cow.

Start on all fours with the knees stacked under the hips and the hands stacked under the shoulders. Then, pull the chest to the floor as your back arches and your eyes rise up towards the ceiling. Hold for a brief pause and then reverse. Push the ground away, driving the upper back to the ceiling and turn your gaze to your belly button.

Coach Jared