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The Key to a Big Bench Day is the Cricket

Everyone loves a big upper body day and most people that we work with, men and women, love a big bench day.

But those days are the most fun when they go well. Enter the cricket.

Think back to Will Smith in the first Men in Black movie. The first gun he got as an agent was the noisy cricket. A small little gun that packed a BIG punch! Well the cricket is no different for your bench day.

You get yourself into the bottom of a push up, tension your entire body and bounce, small little bounces that fire up your chest and upper back BIG for your training afterwards! Oh and don’t forget to go backwards as well 😉

Our goal is to prime your body, not just the chest and upper back for internal torque, or tension towards the belly button, sternum or simply the midline of the body. That prepares us to maintain great position through the vast majority of our bench or pressing reps and leaves us a little gas to give that last hard one or two reps via external torque (or tension opening the body away from the midline).

The biggest challenge is to maintain stability through the whole body during the entirety of the movement. You need to focus on that feeling of rigidity through the torso and hips with the understanding that if you lose it and can’t get it back, you should rest briefly and then get back to it.

Additionally, we don’t want big, TIGGER bounces, we want small controlled bounces, like those of a cricket moving from place to place. When you start bouncing big, it’s a telltale sign you have lost the ability to control the movement and again need to either stop and rest or pause briefly and get your head wrapped around the purpose of the exercise.

And when you do get it right, you will get to the bench, grab the bar, touch the chest and EXPLODE back to the top, cuz you did the cricket 🙂

And there are few better feelings in the world.

Coach Jared