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The FIT Difference

Our gym, Functional Integrated Training, is different than most.

For one, we don’t really have any “machines.” Most everything we have is free standing, moveable and usable in many different ways which allows you to move like you were intended.

As I like to say, “we don’t need machines, YOU are the machine!”

Second, when someone walks in for the first time, they often say, “wow, I had no idea there was this much space in here!” We have a big rectangle of 6000 square feet, most of which is dedicated to the gym floor so our athletes have room to do what they need to do and not endanger themselves or others. The amount of space we have has served us well during this recent health crisis.

But that just scratches the surface.

See, we have something that has been built over the last 8 years. Not something that can be bought or acquired. It’s a feeling that makes our athletes happy when they arrive and happier when they leave 🙂

And to be honest, it can be hard to describe.

But, I have boiled it down to 3 C’s that I want to share with you today: Confidence, Community and Consistency


“We are a gym family that builds confidence through strength”

I use this line frequently to explain as simply as possible what we do. We offer multiple different training options to adult and high school athletes. It can be confusing at times.

Additionally, when a potential new client comes our way, we want to understand them better.

I would rather have far too much information about a new client than not enough. Each and every new member is going to get an opportunity to sit down and talk through their injury, health and fitness history as well as discuss their goals and the importance behind them.

After we go through that, it’s imperative to do a movement evaluation. It gives us a clear picture of what any individual walking in can or can’t do on day one of training.

Once we have gone through our entire process, it makes it quite easy for us to recommend the best training option for a new member to feel successful on day one and build confidence that is ever rising.

And if you have ever experienced this, confidence can be hard to come by in a new gym. You often don’t know where things are, you are worried about who is going to be watching you, maybe judging you and it can make for a really uncomfortable experience.

Everything we do is designed to make you feel at ease when you attend your first training session. That way you can focus on getting better every time and feel safe to be uncomfortable and learn in each and every training session.

Not only are we as coaches there to guide you and provide as much support as you need, our FIT Family of athletes is MORE than willing to help as well. Our FIT Family is not just intelligent, they have a high emotional intelligence as well.

Which leads me to our second C today…


Now, most Gyms like us who are truly out to serve our people versus being a low value equipment rental space (see my article on real Gyms here) have a great community.

I can’t argue with that.

I think it’s really important to understand that many gyms like FIT can survive in a small area as long as each has their own identity and functions as such.

For us, it’s about training hard with a purpose. We consider everyone in our FIT Family to be an athlete. But we define “athlete” differently than the mainstream literature.

Commonly an athlete is defined as someone who is competitive in a sporting event and willing to sacrifice health for performance.

For us, that is NOT the case.

See, an athlete to us is about competing at the sport of life. That may involve attempting to win your competitive basketball league or crush the ball 20 yards past your friends on the golf course. But doing so WITHOUT compromising your health.

Most of our FIT Athletes want to spend an hour training 3 or 4 times per week, get out and do fun hobbies or activities on non-training days, spend time with their kids, spouse, friends or all three and live a generally active and fulfilling life.

All without training in a way that compromises what makes life worth living. We are built to be social people and no one deserves to live a life marred by back pain or constantly guarding against tweaky knees.

Our FIT Family wants to push one another to train harder, go farther and get better BUT also cares deeply about one another. It truly is a community that comes to the gym to train and improve. However, once they are here, the social aspect is something that is a HUGE bonus, particularly at a time when getting out of the house and socializing safely is a challenge.

We train hard and have a ton of fun in the process!


This is the one that challenges many of the modern day gym goers. There are lots of “bros” out there who know that Monday is national bench day.

And there are plenty of ladies getting their super serious cardio on, sweating off the weekend like it’s their job.

At a big box gym, you may see those same people on Tuesday, but likely not. And the next time they are coming in…you guessed it Friday!

It’s “bis tris and shoulders day” for the bros and “booty and abs” for the ladies, getting ready for the weekend.

If you take a close look at individuals like this, you realize they never really make any changes to their physique. More importantly, they never look happy or satisfied with any progress they might have made.

We, on the other hand, preach consistency.

Give us 3 days a week of hard, “give it all you got” training and you will see steady progress in your strength, changes in your energy levels and a greater desire to eat healthier and be active outside the gym.

Also, your sleep is likely to improve which makes everything in life a little better 🙂

Yes, you will ALWAYS do legs. Yes, we will include upper body for the ladies because you need it and it won’t make you bulky. And we will get core training in by learning how to breathe and create tension properly and of course toss in a few ab finishers just to make it hard to laugh the next day.

But that consistent, all around approach will lead to you finding more joy in your life everyday so you can appreciate the things you have and feel better equipped to help someone you care about who might be down on their luck because you have the strength to be their rock.

At FIT, we build you into a better athlete (by our definition) so you can become a better person.

We are FITStrong(er) together,

Coach Jared



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