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The Butt Matters

Here’s the deal, if you want peak athletic performance OR strong hips and low back OR healthy shoulders, your gotta get your butt strong!

The glute complex is the strongest, most explosive complex in your body. To train the area well you need a combination of heavy weight and lots of volume in all planes of motion.

And when you learn to engage your feet with the floor, whew man! If you stand barefoot and build “short foot” by pulling your toes towards your heel and creating an exaggerated arch, your glutes will fire on instantly.

Go ahead, try it, I’ll wait…

See I told you!

So how do we train these big strong muscles? I really love using the floor to engage the feet and there are plenty of variations one could use to crush the glutes. My suggestion, choose 1 bilateral and 1 single leg every lower body focused day and use them as accessory exercises towards the end of the lift.

BB Glute Bridge (Heavy AF) 10 reps

  1. Position bar in the hip crease
  2. Engage the floor, create short foot and screw the feet into the floor
  3. Push the ground away, elevating the hips and the bar
  4. Use your hands to keep the bar for shifting and swaying

Band Hip Thrusters (Big end range contraction) 10 reps

  1. Position the band under the feet and in the hip crease
  2. Slide your shoulders on the bench so you feel secure
  3. Hinge at the hips completely without extending your torso excessively
  4. ush the ground away and extend the hips aggressively into the band
  5. Hold that end range contraction for a few seconds and let the burn settle in!

Single Leg Glute Bridge (aka Cook Hip Lift) 10 reps/side

  1. Position a ball in your hip crease of the up leg
  2. Squeeze the ball to create active hip flexion on that side
  3. Engage the floor and push the ground away with the down leg
  4. Hold the top position to maximize disassociation between hips (one flexing, one extending)

Single Leg RDL (Balance on one leg) 10 reps/side

  1. Engage the floor with your foot
  2. Balance on your one leg like the inside and outside of that leg are two separate legs
  3. Hinge at the hip of the down leg as you extend the other leg to the wall behind you
  4. Get to full hip hinge range and pull the hip back under to stand up

**A wobbling and wiggling foot on the floor is OK**

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get your booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere!

We are FIT Strong!
Coach Jared