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Strut Your Stuff Before Your Workout Even Starts!

Sometimes you want to strut like a cowboy from a western. Walking down the street like you own the town.

And on training days where you do some seriously heavy and long farmer’s carries or a big ruck walk, lugging 50 or 60 lbs on your back for a few miles, you might experience something similar.

As soon as you drop the weights or take that bag off, you feel like Kurt Russell in Tombstone strutting because you just dominated the workout.

So why not get that feeling before you even start the workout? That’s where the Cowboy Walk fits in nicely prior to grabbing those heavy farmer’s handles or loading the pack onto your back.

Here’s how you set it up

  1. Get into a your typical squat stance and sit to an above parallel squatted position
  2. Maintaining that position and tension, step out with one foot letting the heel hit first then the toes. Then repeat on the other side. Alternate back and forth, getting your Wyatt Earp prep on 🙂

The big key to really prime the body with the Cowboy Walk is to maintain tension in both your stepping leg and the leg that remains grounded. It is easy to get lazy and just relax the grounded leg, don’t let it happen.

Also, as you fatigue in the hips and quads, the tendency is to rise up out of the starting position. Fight against that and continue for your desired reps, ideally 5-15 per side.

Then, when you get to your workout, you have already prepared your body to fight for position and have the best chance to win the challenge you have set for yourself.

And whether you have the epic Wyatt Earp mustache or not, you can strut your stuff afterwards!

Coach Jared