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Strength Training for Travel and Adventure

If you love to travel or seek out adventure, you know your body has to be prepared for just about anything. And since we can’t spend all our time out seeking new adventures (maybe you can but SOME of us have to work!) we have to find ways to prepare the body. And loaded carry variations are a great way to do it!

You see, there are two things that are imperative to make adventure seeking as enjoyable as possible: balance and strength endurance (ability to hold load or positions for long durations).

Challenging yourself on these aspects in training can be fun and creative! So try some of these out:

Loaded carries
You can load multiple different things on your body and carry them: weighted vest, med ball, sled around waist or shoulders, pushing a sled, holding a barbell on the shoulders, overhead, on one shoulder, kettlebells in almost any way imaginable, etc.

But, to really challenge those climbing trails and mountains on the regular here’s a twist: add a pause to the loaded carry.

Stop, drop, roll (oops sorry, wrong explanation)

Start walking and then arbitrarily STOP. Find your balance, don’t let the load deter your balance, then continue on stopping as frequently as you wish.

If you want to include your friend or trainer, add a reactionary component: have them call out your pauses. Balance is often needed as a reflex or reaction to something so this a great way to train the body and mind to overcome in those situations!

Use these carries frequently so you can enjoy the full experience of your travel and adventure seeking. And hey, if you want a travel partner, I am always up for an adventure!