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Staying Physically Active is Critical for Your Mental Health

If someone were to ask me, “what is the biggest reason potential clients reach out to us for training?” the answer is NOT what you think.

It’s not fat loss.

It’s not athletic performance.

And it’s not muscle gain.

They want accountability from REAL people!

Listen, it’s been established over and over, we are neurologically built to be social creatures. When it comes to difficult things, like changing one’s lifestyle, we know that getting help from others is typically the best way to go about it.

So, having a Gym full of coaches that know you and want to help you get better day in/day out along with a community of like minded athletes to further accountability, is a recipe for success!

The recent pandemic has caused many people to have to shy away from the Gym that has been integral in keeping them healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. And it is starting to take a toll on everything but most importantly, in my opinion, mental health.

The CDC did a recent study (June 2020) of over 5,000 American adults. They found that “40.9% reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition,” including anxiety or depression related (30.9% of respondents) or symptoms directly related to the events surrounding the COVID pandemic (39.6% of respondents). (Check out the full article here)

We need socialization outside of our family and we need to stay active to sharpen our swords of resilience and perseverance.

But safety for ourselves, our loved ones and mankind is also a high priority, so what can we do?

The answer: provide a simple accountability tool that can create social interaction, both directly and indirectly, and drive consistency with moderate to vigorous physical activity.

That answer is MyZone belts.

The tool is simple: a basic heart rate monitor that goes around your chest and can sync with an app on your phone. Even if you buy the MyZone watch, it can’t sync up with your email or social media. It just tracks your effort in a workout or active setting, like a hike.

But, it allows you to join our FIT team, where we can monitor your activity levels on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Additionally, you can have friends who also have MyZone join your group, allowing you to see their progress and they to see yours.

Plus, it makes you want to go out for a vigorous hike versus just a walk to expend some energy, earn some effort points (termed MEPs) and allows you to socialize with a friend or friends safely!

Now, is this the only thing out there like this? Absolutely not! I would have to have been living under a rock for the last 5+ years to believe that.

However, for what I believe best serves our people it checks all the boxes:

  1. Monitors activity level
  2. Keeps you from using social media or email as a distraction during training time
  3. Allows for accountability from the FIT coaches and other friends that are involved
  4. Inexpensive and only requires a 1x purchase with no additional monthly cost

We don’t stand behind the MyZone belts to make money. We stand behind them because it’s a course of action we can take to fight for our mental health the best way we know: through physical activity!

Join us!

Coach Jared



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