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Simplify Your Windmill

Windmills can be a frustrating exercise to learn, so here are some simple tips to instantly improve your Windmill and develop massive trunk stability and unilateral hip strength:

  1. The same side hip of the up arm is your single leg hinge leg – R arm up, R hip is hinging back and drives forward to stand up
  2. Load the down hand to reduce range of motion and create an environment similar to other hip hinges you may have done
  3. Load the up arm to challenge trunk stability rotationally as well as shoulder stability. Really load it up (20k +) and challenge your focus and tenacity!

Using the Windmill during training can be great for challenging your Anti-Rotation trunk stability (resisting the core’s desire to twist during this exercise) and single hip strength. Once you figure it out, you can load the heck out of it!

The Windmill movement can also be used as a mobility drill following training or as a warm up before a session. Unloaded, reaching the down hand fingers (or fist for a real challenge), will create fantastic rotational mobility through your upper back/shoulder girdle and your hips.

Make sure to do both sides and keep the time under tension similar Left to Right!

Coach Jared