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Join Our Competitive Weightlifting Team in Fitchburg

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Join The West Madison Weightlifting Team at Functional Integrated Training & Learn How To Optimize Your Training

Are you looking to compete at the highest levels? Just hoping to build your strength and get the very most out of your body? Want to surround yourself with a team of supporters who can have your back every step of the way?

Then you've come to the right place.

At Functional Integrated Training, we are proud to offer access to a USA Weightlifting sanctioned club, known in-house as West Madison Weightlifting. Come and work out with our dedicated team to find a true sense of community and to have the opportunity to take part in USA Weightlifting competitions. 

This program is great for accomplished weightlifters and complete beginners. Fill out the short form on your screen to learn more today! 

Why Is Our Olympic Weightlifting Program Right For You? 

At Functional Integrated Training, we're giving you access to a cutting-edge facility here in Fitchburg where you can challenge your body and build your strength one step at a time. Functional Integrated Training is the leading Olympic Weightlifting program in the area and we can't wait for you to see it all firsthand. 

Our facility is fully outfitted with the best equipment. Come in and train with the team of USA-W Sports Performance Coaches. We'll provide you the coaching, community, and resources you need to maximize your success.

We're giving men and women of all backgrounds and skills sets the chance to take on: 

  • Consistent gains across each of the Olympic lifts
  • Hands-on coaching to perfect your form and mechanics
  • Tailored workout routines that produce sustainable success
  • A supportive, ego-free environment where you can have fun challenging yourself

Get Started Today With Our Olympic Weightlifting Here In Fitchburg! 

Come see us here at Functional Integrated Training and see everything we have to offer when you join the West Madison Weightlifting team. Functional Integrated Training's Olympic Weightlifting is helping people all across our community from Fitchburg to Verona and beyond make their goals a reality - and we can't wait for you to be next.

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Join the Functional Integrated Training Family to finally achieve the results you desire!

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