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Self-Care for Your Elbows and Knees

Knees and elbows: the bane of my existence.

I almost cringe thinking about these bad boys. I have subluxed my knees more than I can count at this point and I have a love/hate relationship with front squats, especially when I’ve been desk ridden for a long time – my elbows take the brunt of the stress.

Needless to say, I have worked on and used plenty of things like what you see below to eliminate pain and keep it away! And as you will see, I love band resistance to help these areas!

Often times, and as I have found, the bigger issue is derived from the hips or shoulders (and the movers associated with those knots – see previous blog) but when there is acute pain, you need to find things to overcome that pain because it will deter workouts, or at least the quality of said workout.

So let’s cover some ground on the elbows first.

Shoulder distraction with band (3-D)

This can be done in almost any variation you deem effective. The key is to get your hand locked in so you minimize tension in the arm and then turn the body to create a lengthening through the elbow joint in whatever direction you turn. If your arm will not relax, ease up on the tension and get the arm straight and relaxed first, then start to move.

This is definitely one that falls in the “NO pain, ALL gain” category.

You can use bands for knee pain as well but we will discuss a unique strategy that works quite well with the knee joint and the affected muscles.

RNT Knee Dominant training

Knee pain is often facilitated by a lack of quality movement. So if you can re-create quality movement, often with overcorrection, you can improve the activation of the muscles necessary to keep the knee tracking properly.

You are going to use bands to assist this overcorrection, often termed Reactive Neuromuscular Training or RNT.

If you take a split squat pattern (lunge without stepping) for example, knee pain is often associated with the front knee diving in towards the midline of the body. So you use the band to pull the knee into that improper position. The brain will then battle the band resistance and use the proper musculature to lock the knee in place and have it track properly.

Thus, you will create a pain free movement while the brain and nervous system starts to ingrain the effective motor pattern.

Pretty cool huh? Try it and I bet your squat or lunge pattern will improve dramatically almost instantly.

We are FIT Strong!
Coach Jared