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Root Down for Strength

Often we can’t see our toes, especially in our massive winter boots! But feet can scream confidence and strength OR weakness and self-doubt.

If you are rocked back on your heels, there is a good chance you fall over if someone happens to run into you.

FIT Strong Athletes get run into and the person who did wonders if they just hit a brick wall. Do you know why? A FIT Strong Athlete is actively engaged with the floor through their feet, presenting a tall, confident posture ready for action if necessary!

And since I know you want to be FIT Strong, let’s go through some opportunities that you can utilize throughout the day

#1: Get the Day Started – Stand up out of bed and feel that soft, lush carpet under your feet. Got it, good.

Now, curl your toes up under you like you are trying to rip that carpet up and save it for later when your feet are killing you. Do that 10 times with each foot and you will feel body wide strength you probably haven’t felt in a long time.

#2: All Day – Okay, I love this one but this could be hard to do for you depending on your job.

Spend as much time barefoot as possible.

I am not advocating barefoot running but it’s hard to argue that we were not designed to wear “foot coffins” as some barefoot advocates might call shoes.

So whether at home, at work or any other time: take your shoes off and feel the ground beneath your feet. It’s wonderful for body awareness and balance and will slowly develop strength in your feet that is critical to lifelong balance and feeling confident on uneven or slippery ground (for example, the ice that comes along with a Midwestern winter…)

#3: Training Prep – This is all about preparing on the ground you are training on. And that doesn’t mean concrete or rubber floor or turf.

What I am talking about is the shoe your foot is in.

Take time in your warm up to explore standing on your toes, on your heels, on the outsides and insides of your shoe. Give your feet a chance to understand their platform for that day and it will become much easier to engage with the floor.

Once you have established that, focus on locking your feet into the floor like tree roots (think big toe, pinky toe and heel as your roots) and then create some torque by pulling your toes towards your heel.

And if you do that and instantly cramp up in your feet, go back to #1 and work on your toe strength!

Coach Jared