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Resistance Training as You Age

There are plenty of keys to aging well out there today: take 10 grams of fish oil a day, eat 2 lbs of vegetables a week, take a free sucker punch at one person a week (okay, just kidding. I wanted to make sure you were actually reading!)

Aging well is dependent on what you want to do. If you choose to be active, you have to protect your body. Give it armor if you will.

Because when we are active, things like falling are just more likely to happen, the more your move the more likely you will eventually fall.

For example, I was in college (I won’t say what year) and we had an ice storm. If you looked outside there was a thin sheet of ice over EVERYTHING! It was a time of year that this kind of weather wasn’t expected so there wasn’t any salt on the roads or anywhere for that matter.

My buddy was in town and we were looking outside watching people fall repeatedly and so we, of course, decided to go out for breakfast (couldn’t have been that bad!)

I kid you not, I was standing on the curb trying to walk up an ever so slight incline of the sidewalk and could not gain any traction nor take a step without falling so I slid back down to the road. I ended up walking down to a driveway where I was able to get up. It was insane.

Needless to say in the 4 blocks we walked to get breakfast and then go back to my apartment, we both fell numerous times. It wasn’t a matter of if, but when.

Here’s an equation I made up:

(WI winter + Walking) x Years living in WI = Epic, laughable falls (more years = more falls)

However, as you age, those falls become serious.

Did you know that 70% of adults that suffer a fall over the age of 70 end up dying from that fall or complications from it?

Resistance training is a great way to not only avoid those falls but prepare for the ones that are unexpected and occasionally un-preventable.

So instead of going out for a run to develop the cardiovascular system, get after a simple, low impact resistance circuit to improve cardiovascular health, decrease joint pain and improve strength and balance!

All you need is your bodyweight or 1 dumbbell in total (more would be ideal – 5 lbs isn’t going to create a training effect for long!)

Bodyweight Squat or Dumbbell (DB) Goblet Squat
DB Single Arm Row R
DB Single Arm Row L

Start with short sets and always use a 1:1 Work:Rest ratio so you can really push the intensity:
10 seconds on / 10 seconds off or 20 seconds on / 20 seconds off

Then, as you advance:
30s on/30s off OR
40s on/40s off

As you develop more resilience to the training, you can increase the duration of the sets, building that armor that lasts FOREVER through resistance training!