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Pulling Teachers into Good Posture

Poor posture is a battle teachers are constantly fighting. But it’s for good reason:

  1. Hunched over grading papers or creating lesson plans
  2. Helping individually teach students sitting in desks

Good news is, there are tons of rowing patterns that can be done in the gym. And if you have a band you can do many ANYWHERE to combat poor posture and make our teachers look like the Superheroes they are!

Here are three simple variations to try:

  1. Half Kneeling two arm band rows
    • Grab the band, attached to a rig, with both hands and get into a 90/90 stance (1 knee down, 1 knee up, 90 degree angles with thigh and shin on both legs)
    • Get the band on a stretch before rowing, brace the core and let the arms stretch out towards the rig using the band resistance to get the shoulders forward
    • Start the row by drawing the shoulder blades back and down then continue the row by bending the elbows
    • The rep is complete when you feel the back muscles active and battling the increasing band resistance
    • Do 8-10 reps/side for 3 sets

2. Landmine Row w/ Rope

    • Set the feet on either side of the barbell, holding the rope with your thumbs away from the knobby ends
    • Hinge at the hips to get your back close to parallel with the ground
    • Brace your core and push through the floor to engage the weight on the bar
    • Pull by retracting the shoulder blades first and then letting the elbows bend to finish the row
    • Stay braced as you lower the weight to do the next rep
    • Do 8-12 reps for 3 sets. After 3 sets of 12, increase weight and start back at 8 reps

3. Band Face Pulls

    • Start by grabbing the band with both hands and stagger your feet for added stability
    • Brace the core hard to keep the ribs down then let the band pull your arms forward
    • Initiate movement by pulling the shoulders back and let the hands travel up and towards your forehead
    • When the band is touching your forehead and you have the chest stretched out without losing trunk position, the rep is done
    • Stay braced as you return forward for the next rep
    • Do 10-15 reps during your workout OR do 10-15 reps whenever you get the opportunity!

Get your superhero posture on teachers!

We are FIT Strong,

Coach Jared