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Personal Accountability: Self Limiting Actions

Accountability is one of the most common reasons we hear as to why someone wants to train with us. “I just need someone to keep me accountable.” And the reality is, they are right.

But we just help educate, make the process fun and attempt to provide an experience that is so enjoyable our Athletes want to keep coming back again and again.

So the person they really need to keep them accountable is the one that is present, by their side 24/7/365: the person in the mirror!

We can’t have an accountability partner who follows us around 24/7, despite what some people wish or ask for, because at some point, that partner won’t be there. And then you stand in front of your pantry looking at food that could completely derail you or check your watch and realize you are 5 minutes late to your next training session. It’s then you realize, you don’t know how to hold YOURSELF accountable.

But I’m not a therapist, despite playing one regularly at the gym, so how can you get better at this with the things I actually know really well: movement training!

Thus, self limiting exercises. Things where if you screw up, the result is likely not going to injure you just maybe bruise your ego temporarily.

1) Jump Rope: everyone has jumped rope wrong once in their life and hit their feet. No big deal, start that rope moving and keep going.

2) Half Kneeling movements (chops/lifts/presses): Trying to balance on one knee and do cross body or single arm movements can be mentally taxing. And if you fail, falling from a kneeling position isn’t so bad J

3) Single Leg Balancing: Balancing on one leg almost always results in some wiggling and wobbling. That is great! It’s teaching your body and mind that you are safe but need to focus!

4) Bottoms Up with a Kettlebell: Bottoms up is just a beast in accountability. No one wants to have the bell hit their wrist. It just hurts temporarily but the ego bruise lasts much longer

The morale here is simple: self-limiting exercises teach you focus and determination. If you fail, learn from your mistakes and carry on.

Personal accountability is more of the same. Be honest with yourself and find things in your everyday life that are “Self-limiting!”

Coach Jared