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Pause (Squat) for Family Time

“The family that prays together, stays together.” Mother Teresa

Right now, family is key. Being stuck at home for work while having your kids at home creates a unique bonding time that has never been experienced before.

However, having everyone cooped up in the same place day in and day out can be a nightmare.

So prayer might work but I would like to add my own twist to this quote.

The family that plays together, stays together.

See, we forget that we are an active culture sometimes. Our kids should have recess and gym class and MORE recess. But instead, they are stuck in front of a computer screen for their academic work and then, if they aren’t being pushed to go outside and play, they might just stare at a screen for a few more hours watching youtube or tiktok.

And let’s face it. You are likely reading this stuck in front of your computer screen, whether you are at home working or at the office working. It’s not ideal for anyone.

So, I have a fun warm up drill that will pull you out of the dreaded “desk jockey” posture, involve the whole family and might spark some creativity and options to play!

I’m calling it the family squat circle.

It’s pretty simple

  1. Gather everyone in your household in a circle or whatever shape/line you can make
  2. One person squats down and holds for 5 seconds, then stands up
  3. While they rest, the next person goes
  4. And so this goes for 5-10 reps or even choose a time like 1 minute or 2 minutes. You will be shocked how many squats you get in during that time frame!
  5. And for those looking for a real challenge, hold your squat until the person in front of you finishes, that’s 10+ seconds of squat holding fun!

Some of the best bonding moments in life come through turmoil and exertion. Use this as a way to become closer and feel free to curse my name if you need a bad guy to blame this on 🙂



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