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Parents Need to Take Time for Their Health!

As a father of twin daughters, I know the struggles of being a parent and trying to stay healthy.

In a typical environment, we have the stress of keeping them active, keeping them from causing too much harm to themselves or each other plus actually fostering a home environment of learning and development.

It’s a full time job and those stay at home moms and dads, I salute you!

But right now it’s different. You may not be physically going to work. Your home office might be in one of your kids rooms. Your spouse may also be working from home. AND your kid(s) are likely doing school virtually.

Who knows how long this is going to go on, but in an environment like this, we all need an outlet.

The discussion for Gyms like FIT used to be that we wanted to be the 3rd place. Our athletes have home and work and then their 3rd place. I wrote a more in depth article on that here.

In our current landscape, we have become the 2nd place and oftentimes for those being cautious, the ONLY place they go regularly outside of the house.

We, as parents, need to make sure we are the best versions of ourselves for our kids and our spouse. Physical activity is a great outlet to not only take time for yourself but release any unresolved anger or frustration you may be harboring towards your family. Trust me, when you are in the same place with the same individuals like we have been since March, it’s almost inevitable that you get angry.

But we don’t allow ourselves the freedom to display that anger. As stated in a recent seminar I attended, “we Midwesterners don’t show emotion, we just bury it deep down inside and then douse it in alcohol”

Yes, training releases all kinds of great hormones and neurotransmitters: endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and oxytocin to name a few. But it can also give us an outlet to throw something, smash something, break something (safely) and express some rage we might have.

It’s healthy.

But it can’t always occur in the gym. Hence our promotion of the MyZone belt. A simple heart rate monitor that when you put it on to go out in the woods for a hike/stone throwing contest/stick breaking ceremony, we can see that you got some activity in – and finally got some of the rage you have inside, out.

Go ahead, scream, yell, grunt, smash things. I always like to pretend I’m Bo Jackson when I’m out in the woods breaking sticks over my knee (P.S. choose dead or skinny sticks because otherwise that sh!t hurts!). Then, you can see just how much energy was actually expended with the belt.

Plus, you will come back to the house and feel refreshed and more willing to accept the onslaught of, “mom I need this,” or “dad I can’t do that,” with a smile and a loving touch!

Coach Jared



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