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Own Your Deadlift Posture

Posture is a hot topic right now: standing desks to make it better, sitting is the new smoking, the key to relieving back pain is tied to your posture etc.

But what if I were to tell you this: your posture can be less than perfect, particularly on the deadlift, IF (BIG IF) you maintain it throughout!

Our goal with the deadlift is to develop the backside: butt, hamstrings, low and upper back. So if you want to maximize the work happening in the butt and hamstrings, your #1 goal is to find the upper body posture that works for YOU and then fight for it every second of each rep.

Your posture 1” off the floor is exactly what you should work to maintain the rest of the lift.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be doing accessory movements to continue the battle against the “desk jockey” posture.

However, if you deadlift with a focus on locking in YOUR posture, you will gain tons of strength while improving your back health and likely improve your posture!


Coach Jared