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Overhaul Your Body for Spring

If we are talking overhauling your body to get it prepared for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons, what better place to start than your….HEAD.

You thought I was going to say abs weren’t you?

See, here’s the issue with that. Do you know what innervates your gut? The Vagus nerve stemming from your brain.

Do you know what makes the abs contract to get that six pack? Your motor cortex, located in the brain.

And do you know what makes a huge difference in your actual digestion and utilization of food? You guessed it, your brain!

So we need to protect that bad boy up there! Plus no one wants to look like an actual bobble head so it’s time to focus on strengthening your neck!

Let’s walk through 3 situations where you can work on neck strength

#1: Getting the Day Started – Perform a 3-way manual neck strengthening circuit after you wake up. Resist your own hand pushing your chin down, your chin up, your head towards either shoulder and you chin towards either shoulder. That covers all 3 planes of motion and makes it really simple to do.

#2: All Day – Stimulating your eyes can be one of the best things you can do to retain balance as you age but also maintain high visual acuity. So take breaks from your screens throughout the day and find two distant focus points (at least 100 yards away). Dial in your focus on one, then quickly switch to the other until you dial in your focus there, then continue switching as long as you have time for or until you get bored!

#3: Training Prep – Prior to getting under a bar or stepping up for your deadlift, try some head bobs. Bob your head up and down, exploring the full range of motion. Then settle on a neutral neck for your lifts. Focus your gaze on an object and sense the feel of neutral neck so when you need it for your lift, conscious thought of getting it there isn’t necessary.

Coach Jared