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No Pain All Gains

No pain, no gain! A phrase that is best left in the military ranks, not in the fitness world.

And when it comes to stretching, particularly a contract/relax variation like this hamstring stretch above, no pain actually achieves all the gains!

For this particular contract/relax hamstring stretch, a few pointers:

  1. You MUST achieve terminal knee extension for the full effect prior to relaxing and seeking more range of motion (excluding hyperextensive individuals, I will have something for you down the road!)
  2. Keep the stretching leg’s ankle flexed towards your body
  3. Allow the range to happen, don’t rush things and improvements will come!

Following a workout, this is my favorite way to solidify good mobility gained during the training session or re-establish good mobility that may have been lost during training.

It doesn’t take long.  Done correctly it’s highly effective and you can visually see the improvement within a few minutes of work!

If you want similar contract/relax stretches for different areas of the body, please connect with me and I would be happy to help you out!



Coach Jared