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Make Connections at the Gym, or Your 3rd Place

If you enjoy getting sloppy drunk at the bar after you get done with work and before you head home, I probably can’t help you.

However, if the bar is your 3rd place because you love networking and connecting with people, I got you!

Now I obviously prefer you do that networking and relationship building somewhere like FIT during a training session. But, no matter what, if you are trying to connect with someone, talking about the weather and what they do for a living only takes you so far.

And we all know the thing we like to hear the most is: our own voice! That’s right folks, we are all selfish. But since you now know that, one great way to connect with someone quickly is to get them talking about themselves!

So here are three simple questions that will serve you well at a bar but will do especially well with our FIT Family

Do you enjoy coffee or tea?

We love our caffeine at FIT. Whether it comes in good tasty black coffee, various teas, coffee drinks or maybe pre-workout, it is almost guaranteed to get a conversation going!

Are you a cat or a dog person?

While some families may have kids that are terrified of almost all animals at this time (that would be my twins), most everyone in the gym is a fan of pets. And, as is common, there is a preference of dog or cat. It may spark some heated debates but ultimately create a good conversation.

What is your favorite meal of the day?

Who doesn’t love to eat? I mean come on! But especially at a gym where food is fuel and occasionally food is the reason for someone training as hard as they are, this question is sure to have an array of answers and plenty of talking points afterwards!

Try these questions out. It’s likely to get a good conversation going and start down the path of some great connections with the good people that make up our FIT Family, or your next new friend at the bar!