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It’s Labor Day, Time to Energize Our Teachers!

It’s Labor Day, which means:

  1. It’s time for kids to go back to school
  2. It’s time for teachers to continue developing our future generation(s)

So here’s two simple drills to help teachers get the blood flowing before the school day. Key parts of both movements:

  1. Simple
  2. No equipment
  3. Full body
  4. Standing without kneeling (don’t want dirty knees BEFORE the day starts!)


  • Start standing and then hinge at the hips until your hands are as close to the floor as you can get
  • Get the hands to the floor by bending the knees slightly and start walking out to a push up plank position
  • Before returning, push the ground away hard, straightening your arms completely to get the upper back active
  • Walk your hands back keeping the legs as straight as you can
  • Repeat 5 times, ideally achieving more hamstring mobility every rep

5 Point Squat

  • Start in a squat stance then hinge at the hips to touch your toes
  • Drive your knees forward and sit the hips straight down to get into a deep squat
  • Once in that squat use the elbows inside your knees to push your knees wide, opening the hips as well
  • Hold that lower body position and then squeeze the upper back while reaching both arms overhead
  • Hold the overhead squat position and push the ground away to stand up
  • Repeat 5 times working on improving each of the 5 points every rep

Let’s help our teachers get and stay FIT Strong!

Coach Jared