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If you want healthy shoulders, watch THIS

The rowing pattern is one of the best things you can do to maintain healthy shoulders. However, because of our all too common forward hunched “desk jockey” posture, a bilateral row can turn ugly really fast. How do you combat it?

Insert the Single Arm Dumbbell Row!

There are some simple keys to nailing your Single Arm Row:

  1. Lock your trunk in position and keep it active during change of direction (top and bottom)
  2. Reach the arm to the floor first before starting the upward movement, maximizing range of motion for the shoulders
  3. Move through as much range as you can with the Lats before bending the elbow and finishing the upward movement.
  4. Oh yeah, don’t forget the other side!

The result: Obliques and Lats will be SMOKED and your shoulders will leave feeling better than when you walked in!

Coach Jared