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How to Box Jump Safely

There are usually two reasons why someone is leary of the box jump

  1. It’s hard to overcome the mental block of jumping onto something
  2. You have previously left some DNA on a box somewhere else AKA shin skinned by a box.

Either way, there is a mental block. And while mental blocks can be a challenge to overcome, if it’s a goal, we can find ways to work through it.

For example, we would start with a Step Up

  • Start with the box height you are trying to achieve (note, if the box you are challenged by is 24” or more, just skip this first one – you need the next two to really overcome that fear!)
  • Arm Action is quite helpful here. Think about a running stride: when the knee is up with one leg the arm is up on the opposite side

Then we get into Tuck Jumps

  • Stand near the box, have a training partner or coach available to check your jump height.
  • Jump as high as you can then aggressively pull your knees up towards your chest. Timing this will be key to eventually achieving your box jump goal.

Finally you can graduate to Gradual Box Jumps 🙂

  • Start with a height you are confident in already. It can even be 2”, doesn’t matter!
  • Start small and work your way up
  • **DON’T take this as a suggestion to jump on the highest box possible**

In fact, I vehemently disagree with striving towards a high box jump that might be out of your capabilities. No one should willingly donate DNA to the gym’s boxes (gash your shin). Instead, use it as a training tool to jump high and land without as much impact. Then, when you can smoke a tuck jump over the box you are chasing, go add some height to your box jump record!

Train smart so you can train hard for life!