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Get the Blood Flowing in the Morning

5:30 am in the morning. To some of us, myself included, it’s a great time to be up before the workday, get energized and maybe get a training session in.

For others, 5:30 am is akin to the F-bomb. You know who you are.

Either way, the body has been horizontal and dormant for a number of hours. We need to get the blood flowing!

Here’s two simple, full body mobilizations you can roll out of bed and right into!

Spiderman: Lunge deep with your left leg forward and place your hands inside the left leg, lift the hips high to lengthen the backside of the left leg. Put the right knee down again and reach to the sky with the left arm (towards the left leg). Repeat on the other side – 5 reps/side

Bootstrappers: Set up in a squat stance. Reach to the floor with your hands, pull yourself down into a deep squat with a long, tall torso. Lift the hips back to the sky lengthening the backside of the body. Add an overhead reach in the squat to gain some great upper body mobility – 5 reps/side

If you are struggling with these or love what these are doing for you, shoot me an email!



Coach Jared