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Five B’s of Weightlifting


Max Dallman, USA-W Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

First off, I am not a nutritionist. My five B’s are foods that I’ve found to be excellent for getting big and strong. Disclaimer: If your goal is not to get big and strong, this list is less applicable to you. By following this list, I gained 20 pounds in three months, and that allowed me to lift heavier weights. I am not suggesting that this is a “diet,” “lifestyle,” or you must eat these foods. I just wanted to share what has worked for me!

Without further ado, here is my list of go-to foods:

B #1: Beef. It’s worth saying again: BEEF. I consider this the king of all foods designed to make you big and strong; there is no replacement! Beef is packed with protein and rich in iron. If you’re training to build muscle and want people to see your definition, I recommend this food first. Personally, I was eating two pounds of beef a day, and even now, I still eat at least a pound to maintain my weight.

B #2: Bacon. Like beef, bacon is very effective for gaining size and strength. Don’t be worried about all the fat! It’s good for you. Just like squats. You wouldn’t be training if you didn’t squat and you wouldn’t be trying to get big and strong without eating bacon. And, you can always PAIR #1 (beef) and #2 (bacon) into a delicious bacon cheeseburger!

B #3: Burritos. What’s another way to combine beef and bacon? Well, you could try this combo meal! A burrito has no equal in the combo department. Think about it – it’s a perfect edible container that holds all the delicious ingredients inside. The convenience and caloric density is hard to beat. I would recommend a few of these a week!

B #4: Beer. Everybody loves beer. ‘Nuf said.

B #5: Brats. You live in Wisconsin, don’t you? Brats are the honorary number five that everyone loves to enjoy, especially in the summer. It’s got all the good proteins and fats that you need to get big and strong. I bet you’re getting hungry now, aren’t you?

My five B’s of weightlifting (or just getting big and strong) are the foods that will be most effective for you when following a training program in which you squat often. If you want muscles, you should probably eat these foods. Again, I’m not a nutritionist, but I hope you gained something from my experience. Enjoy!