Who is an athlete?

“Someone who is dedicated to their craft, and trains 24/7/365 via nutrition, hydration, recovery, and training.” Shawn S., F.I.T. Everyday Athlete since 2012

personal trainer, weight lifting, Strength trainingYou. You are an athlete. Why? Well, generally speaking, life is hard, oftentimes more difficult and demanding than any professional sport. We recognize life as a sport and, thus, YOU as an athlete, a F.I.T. Everyday Athlete.

You are busy. You may be a Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma. You may be working full-time. You have social engagements with friends and family. You want time for yourself. You want to enjoy your favorite activities without being out of breath or consistently injured. You need a training program that flexes with your life.

That’s where we come in!

As a F.I.T. Everyday Athlete, you can expect a/an:

Individualized Athlete Experience

“I thought I was too out of shape to workout with a trainer. Their plan was simpler and more effective than anything I tried before. Now I’m pushing myself further than I ever thought possible.” Amy S., F.I.T. Everyday Athlete since 2012

Using our extensive knowledge and assessment tools, we will develop a program that will specifically meet YOUR needs as an athlete. This program will combine our health and fitness pillars: nutrition, training, recovery, motivation, and hydration.

Motivating and Friendly Team

“The F.I.T. Coaches keep the workouts dynamic, interesting, and ever changing so I don’t have to think, I can just train. There is so much going on in my daily life, to not have to think about what my training is great.” Ric B. F.I.T. Everyday Athlete since 2013

We will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable as part of our family. This includes knowing your name, greeting you with a smile and kind word, and positively reinforcing and coaching you throughout a training session. Expect your training session to include high-fives, smiles, laughter, and lots of hard work!

Ongoing Education for Athletes

“Lifting, “form is first and foremost.” We do it right, then we do it hard!” Nicole V. F.I.T. Everyday Athlete since Jan 2015

“Quality always comes before quantity.” Shawn S. F.I.T. Everyday Athlete since 2012

 The F.I.T. team strives to stay current on industry techniques, research, and more! We internalize this knowledge and infuse it into our coaching and program development. Thus, you can be confident that you are receiving cutting-edge training, and that our team is more than happy to discuss WHY we do what we do!

Not only do we seek out continuing education, but we regularly offer YOU opportunities to learn! We regularly host workshops that focus on YOUR interests and needs.

Training Options

lifetime fitness, gym, strengthPersonal Performance Training (PPT)

With a 4:1 Athlete:Coach ratio or less, we provide our athletes the experience of 1-on-1 personal training while still having other athletes present to motivate, inspire, and compete with. This is our GOLD standard.

Metabolic Performance Training (MPT)

 Personalized group training with a focus on developing strength through a combination of kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, sandbags, TRX straps, and bodyweight exercises.

Athletes customize the session around their fitness needs/limitations to better develop strength and achieve an excellent metabolic boost.