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Empowered & Confident

“We are FIT Strong” is the mantra we use, but it’s more than just a mantra. It empowers, it builds confidence and it unites our Athletes into a tight knit community.

For many, stepping into a new gym for the first time is an overwhelming and intimidating moment. Picture this….

You’re excited to get back into shape and reach your goals, but you know it’s going to be an arduous trip. You don’t know exactly what it’ll be like, but you’re pretty sure you’ll have to grind through some pretty impossible workouts and leave the gym feeling beat up, out of shape and unsuccessful. The program isn’t designed to meet you where you are at, and instead you’re going to have to catch up fast.

Face it, as motivated as you are, in this scenario you’re doomed from day one.

Here at FIT, we do things a little differently. We want to set you up for success before you ever start training with our coaches. That’s why we sit down with you in your first session and spend time getting to know you. We’ll discuss any previous barriers you have had on your fitness journey. We’ll discuss your injury history (face it, we’ve all had them!), and assess how you move. We’ll also figure out what makes you tick by identifying your goals and why they are important for you to reach.

By assessing you individually, we are able to gain a sound understanding of where you are at, right now, on day one. With this information in hand, we’ll build you a successful and sustainable program that takes you forward. Ultimately, we want to help you reach your goals and get you where you want to be.

Setting our Athletes up for success is where we start. We coach you every step of the way building confidence with each and every session.

As your confidence grows, you’ll be ready for more and we’ll push you outside your comfort zone as the chance presents itself – we never said this wasn’t going to be challenging! But don’t worry, your success is our priority. We work hard to know you and we love guiding our Athletes to reach potential they never thought possible, one step at a time.

Whether it is taking up weightlifting, or participating in their first powerlifting meet, or just hitting PRs (Personal Record) during a training session, all of our Athletes embrace getting outside of their comfort zones to realize what they are truly capable of.

This confidence in the gym carries over into everyday life too.

Whether it is a hockey mom carrying a full bag of pucks to their kids practice, carrying those heavy grocery bags into the house, or unloading a van full of luggage on a family trip, that confidence allows our Athletes to say to themselves:

“I got this, I can do this!”

We love hearing this from our Athletes!

So much so, that we’ve developed a formula: To help our Athletes build confidence and a sense of ownership in their abilities, it comes down to 3 simple steps:

  1. Focus on building general movement skills applicable to everyday life success with continual measurement to assess progress.
  2. Finding opportunities to get our Athletes outside of their comfort zone to realize their true potential.
  3. Empower our Athletes with a sense of ownership within the gym and community.

A confident, empowered athlete is a FIT Strong Athlete!