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Don’t Waste Your Time Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a tool to improve mobility, not the end all, be all.

And honestly, who has time for 10 or 15 minutes of foam rolling BEFORE a workout?  Not me!

Instead, let’s be smart, pair it up with an activation exercise and make the most of our foam rolling time.

The first thing to figure out: what are you rolling? For today’s video, it’s the quads.

Second, what is the antagonist to the agonist? So if the quads are the agonist, our hamstrings/glutes are the antagonist (opposing muscle or muscle group)

Finally, how can we activate the antagonist (glutes) in a way that stimulates further lengthening of the agonist, foam rolled, muscles (quads)? Answer: Glute Bridge!

We can alternate back and forth, improve muscle tissue length and be ready to crush the workout in WAY less time!

If you are struggling to figure out this sequence for a particular group of muscles, reach out and I would be happy to help!



Coach Jared