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Don’t forget about your athlete’s foundation

With our ADAPT program for young athletes, we look at each individual like a pyramid. There are three layers: foundation layer on the bottom, athleticism layer in the middle and sport skills layer on the top.

Ideally, we have an athlete who has a wide foundation, continually working on the basics (mobility, stability and strength) to broaden his or her pyramid.

Then, we have a broad 2nd layer of athleticism: they can jump high, jump far, be fast, be agile and possess the ability to adapt in numerous competitive environments.

The problem is, we often see the top layer: sport skills, built far too broad with minimal underlying structure through the athleticism or foundational layer.

The result: a young pitcher who is amazing at 13, has Tommy John elbow surgery at 15 and never plays another sport the rest of his life. No parent nor coach wishes that on their young athlete. And if your coach doesn’t seem to care about a situation like this, get the heck off that coach’s team!

So our mission with the ADAPT program is to give athletes a fighting chance for long term athletic success. It starts by teaching them the basics of mobility/stability/strength, understanding what it means to train for athleticism and preparing them for the rigors of any sport or activity they chose to conquer.

If you’d like more information on how to build a strong foundation for young athletes, please reach out and I’d be happy to help:


Coach Jared