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Crossover Symmetry High

Not as much a FIT Service Announcement, more like cool sh!t we have in the gym, ie. Crossover Symmetry

Top three exercises (not the best three), just the ones that need to be done from the above eye level attachment point

Rule #1: Bands are ALWAYS crossed over, hence the name of the tool
Rule #2: Red are heavier, purple are lighter

Crossover Row (Heavy band)

  1. Protract the shoulder blades prior to starting the movement
  2. Retract the shoulders and finish by bending the elbows and bringing the hands towards the chest/face

Crossover Lat Pulldown (Heavy band)

  1. Hinge at the hips
  2. Protract and elevate the shoulders before starting the movement
  3. Drive the shoulders down and back to bring the hands by your side, keeping the arms straight throughout

Crossover Rear Delt Fly (Light Band)

  1. Stand tall
  2. Pull the bands back by attempting to widen the back and bring the shoulders around the wider back

Part 2 coming at you next week!

We are FIT Strong!
Coach Jared


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