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Constant Evolution

Life sure can be demanding, right? On any given day, stresses are high as we deal with trying to balance the constant bombardment of life. Keeping our batteries charged and at the ready is tough, especially if we want to run on 100% for our work, our families and life.

FIT serves as a battery charging station for our Athletes. When their energy is low, they know they have a place they can come to recharge. They leave feeling strong and more resilient, ready to get back out and deal with whatever life throws their way. We describe this as our Athletes building body armor.

How do they do it?

They come in to FIT 2-3x/week and put in the work. During each training session at the gym, they gradually build their strength; their body armor. As a result, they notice the stress in their lives taking less of a toll. In turn, they have more energy to dedicate to what matters to them, their work, family and themselves.

How do we help them do it?

We train our Athletes intelligently. Our programs are sustainable and practical. They are designed to empower our Athletes to feel more energized.

Our Coaches don’t hammer them into oblivion. It’s not about that. We don’t aim to ‘crush’ our Athletes during each session after they’ve been ‘crushed’ by life all day. Instead, we provide the focus and tools to help them develop strength, step by step, so they can take on whatever the outside world throws their way.

FIT Athletes are the ones with the energy to play catch with their grandkids, teaching their kids to ride a bike, or getting outdoors because it is fun. They’re out on vacation getting in on the action, experiencing everything on their own two feet. They are taking part in what they want to do, not just idly watching everything pass by, because they can.

Whether it is doing more at 65 than they did at 45, finding a fun, enjoyable competitive outlet, or anything in between, being FIT Strong empowers our Athletes to be participants in life, not just idly observing on the sidelines.

Often, when our Athletes start at FIT, they are dealing with fighting through the stresses of each day. Although they are managing it, they can’t envision beyond today or what they could actually accomplish in a year. It’s tough to see the big picture and reaching goals when they are just working to get through the day.

So our Coaches start them where they are at, and build from there. As we help our Athletes build strength, we also help them build mindset. We instill the notion of getting 1% better with every training session. The focus is on getting just a little bit better steadily until that 1% grows into some pretty sizeable results.

Looking back over the span of a year, FIT Athletes can commend themselves for reaching strength and life goals they never thought possible.

But it didn’t happen overnight.

We make it easy for FIT Athletes to map their success. They log their progress one session at a time, documenting that 1% improvement with each workout. Over time, they build a road map of where they have been.

Looking back, they often surprise themselves with what they have achieved. Pushing for 1% better each time they train adds up. It might be quantifiable in things like more push ups, heavier squats than they could ever fathom, or PRs in bench press that they achieve in the gym.  But where it really makes a difference is in life.

By committing to 1% improvement each and every time, FIT Athletes get so much more. They re-energize, build strong and resilient bodies, and with a little reflection take themselves to places they never thought possible. The process they use is simple:

  1. Get on a sustainable and practical training approach that gives back energy to you the athlete to allow you to do more outside of the gym.
  2. Build physical strength and have a greater appreciation for the recovery process required to be resilient to all of life’s stresses.
  3. Reassess and reflect on previous accomplishments in training to realize not only the progress made, but also how far you can take yourself, at 1% improvement each time.