Advanced Performance Training

Strength is the backbone of any high performing, bulletproof athlete, especially as training years begin to accumulate, causing wear and tear on the body.

Thus, we have strength-training programs designed specifically for our Competitive Athletes.

Specialized Performance Athletes

weight training, personal trainer Includes: Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners, Triathletes, Cross Country Skiers, Trail Runners, Powerlifters, and Olympic Weightlifters

With our specialized performance athletes, we are looking to achieve a couple specific goals in order to improve competition performance:

Address movement patterns to create a bulletproof foundation. An athlete that can’t train, can’t improve.

Develop sport-specific strength, power, and balance through periodized program design.

If you’d like to take your sport(s) performance to the next level, our Personal Performance Training (PPT) is EXACTLY what you need! PPT offers personalized program design and flexible training options as you move through the post-season, off-season, pre-season, and in-season schedules.

Advanced Group Training

This program is also known as Advanced Performance Training (APT). Personalized personal strength traininggroup training (up to 10 people) where we focus on truly getting strong. Strength is the foundation for a healthy and fit body so we take training seriously here.

With a combination of barbell work and integrated kettlebell, medicine ball, TRX straps, and bodyweight training, we can achieve strength and fitness goals.

Strength Sport Athletes

Includes: Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting

West Madison Weightlifting, a USA-W sanctioned club, trains at F.I.T., boasting a USA-W Sports Performance Coach (Max Dallman) and an Advanced USA-W Sports Performance Coach (Jared Markiewicz). We program for, train, and coach our lifters with the following in mind:

Addressing movement issues specific to the strength sport of your choice and developing proficiency in the lifts to prevent injury and establish a foundation for success

Developing a training program focused on developing strength for either powerlifting or weightlifting.

If you are seasoned lifter looking to take your training to the next level or a novice just getting their feet wet, our Personal or Advanced Performance Training options will be ideal for you.

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