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FIT Internship Program

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FIT (Functional Integrated Training) Internship

FIT is a Performance-based Gym in the Madison area focused on enhancing the active lifestyles of our clients. We are FIT Strong because our clients are FIT Strong! Our coaches take pride in helping our athletes achieve their goals by developing relationships
and building trust. The internship program is designed to help someone who understands strength and conditioning and can apply it in a practical setting with a variety of clients.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Coaching adult and youth clients in the morning and afternoon hours (up to 20-30 hours/week)
  2. Engage in weekly Intern development sessions (1-2 hours/week)
  3. Assist with ongoing development of education resources for clients and coaches (up to 3-7 hours/week)
  4. Work with a variety of software and apps to enhance our infrastructure and release content in a timely manner (up to 3-7 hours/week)

Certification Requirements

  • First Aid/CPR certification
  • NSCA, NASM or other training certification PREFERRED but not required


  • Gym access during off-hours
  • Personalized programming written by our team of coaches
  • Opportunity to train in our sessions (recommended!)
  • Access to our weekly internal Team Education sessions
  • Access to our team of coaches and the array of expertise we offer
  • Potential to be a guest on our podcast

Join the Functional Integrated Training Family to finally achieve the results you desire!

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