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Carry kids, get your Core Strong!

Teachers have to carry dozens of random things: kids, school supplies, classroom desks, etc.

The saving grace here is, carrying objects is a great way to train the trunk, or core.

In the video above, Coach Jared shows teachers 3 simple tips to turn that classroom chore into a core exercise: building strength and preventing injury!

  1. Brace 360 degrees: Breath in expanding the rib cage and sides of the body in all directions (particularly the sides and into the low, mid and upper back)
  2. Ribs down, stand tall: Pull your ribs down by exhaling fully and bracing your core to hold them in place. Then extend the chest tall without losing core stability.
  3. BONUS: Near/Far: if your back is healthy – move the object you are carrying away from your midsection. If you are protecting your back until it feels strong – move the object you are carrying closer to your midsection.

Try these tips while carrying anything and get your core strong to get FIT Strong!

We are FIT Strong!

Coach Jared