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Can your knees pass your toes when you squat?

Squatting is one of the most important movements we can do for our health and yet, it’s also one of the most misunderstood.

First of all, EVERYONE can squat.

Yes, there are multitudes of variations but, in the end, EVERYONE can squat. Knee issues, hip issues, back issues, whatever the ailment, there is still a squat for you.

For those of you who don’t have any issues and still can’t figure out how to squat, here’s the culprit I come across time and time again…. Someone once upon a time said the ONLY way to squat and keep your body healthy is by pointing your feet straight forward and pushing your butt back so your knees never go beyond your toes.

It’s almost like the expectation is that if your knees pass your toes, the entire patellar area (knee cap) is going to EXPLODE!!!

So, I wanted to put this to rest once and for all by deciphering fact from fiction to determine if the knees should or shouldn’t pass the toes when you squat.

Check out the videos below to find out the answer!

FITBusters Episode 1.1: Can your knees pass your toes when you squat?

FITBusters Episode 1.2: Knees over toes… What does the research say?

FITBusters Episode 1.3: Methods of testing somebody’s squat.

FITBusters Episode 1.4: Our favorite tools to test your squat.

FITBusters Episode 1.5: Some alternatives to test your squat.

FITBusters Episode 1.6: So should your knees pass your toes or not?

So there you have it! Myth busted. Next time we’ll challenge common benchpress myths. Stay tuned….




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