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Build Stamina for the Gym at Home!

Who has ever used the excuse, “I just don’t have time to workout”?

If you didn’t raise your hand you either get paid to workout (awesome for you) or you are lying 🙂

Here’s the reality, sometimes life gets in the way: work, kids, social obligations or you just get lazy.

But if you have made momentum towards getting back into a routine, skipping a workout you planned on doing could easily derail your progress.

So instead, follow this simple formula to build your own mini workout that you can crank out in record time and keep your progress going in the right direction.

To get started, there are a few things you need to understand:

1) We have upper and lower body focused exercises. This doesn’t mean the whole body isn’t working, but from a clarity standpoint, we will distinguish between upper and lower body.

2) For the upper body, we will classify an exercise as either push or pull. For example, a row is a pull, while a push up is a push (duh right!)

3) For the lower body, we will classify an exercise as either hip or knee dominant. Squats are knee dominant while RDLs are hip dominant.

So for a quick mini workout, pick one exercise from each category and order them into 2 supersets:

1) Upper Push / Lower Hip

2) Upper Pull / Lower Knee

Then choose a work:rest interval. I personally like 1:1 ratios like 20 on / 20 off or 30 on/ 30 off

Do each superset back and forth between the upper and lower exercise for 2-5 sets and you have a killer workout that hits the entire body and gives you the endorphin boost you need to get to the next workout at the gym!

Here’s an example:

1) Push Ups / Band Good Mornings : 20 on / 20 off (5 sets of each)

2) Seated Band Rows / Bodyweight Squats : 30 on / 30 off (4 sets each)

That whole series takes about 15 minutes. But you can use any combination you want to get a quick session in!


Coach Jared