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Build Back Your Strength at Home!

I have seen some pretty unique training ideas floating around neighborhoods in the last few months. The COVID Pandemic caused some serious problems and continues to do so but one of the positives was that people got outside and got creative to get their training in.

However, we are creatures of habit and often think too much about specifics. As we head back to the gym, we are hearing things like, “I know I can’t lift as much as I did 3 months ago.” “Everything is going to feel so heavy.”

I understand.

But the bells: barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell are just tools to use to build strength. And we can do plenty of things with load and intensity at home to help prepare our structure for success back in the gym

Here are some great, and simple outside training ideas to build structure with things almost all of us have:

1) Mulch bag/Water Softener Salt bag carry and squat

Wrap your arms around the bag and carry it as far as you can, or for a block around your house. Between carry sets, rest and then do 10 squats with that bag. Repeat as many times as you want or until you get back home.

Your low back will be screaming but in a good way, trust me on this one

2) Car Push

Step 1: Get someone to ride in your car
Step 2: Have them turn on the car and put it into neutral (this is key)
Step 3: Push it as far as you can or until you are going to run into something or someone.
Key Factor: make sure the person in the car knows how to steer and use the brakes 🙂

Don’t overcomplicate these, just challenge yourself to do more than you think you can. I bet you will surprise yourself and you will show up to the gym ready to crush your training!

Coach Jared