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Breathing for Self-Care

It is the season of giving! However, for some, giving is happening 24/7/365.

And for those, self care is crucial to allow them to be the best version of themselves for those they serve.

Stress, even when you are passionate about the idea of giving and helping others, still exists. And one of the best self care strategies to overcome that stress is focused breathing.

But this isn’t a meditation article, I’m a strength coach damnit! So I’ll give you some easy, relaxing breathing. And, of course, I have some crank it up, bust you out a six pack breathing. Let’s go!

Wall Deadbug

Lay on the ground with your knees bent to 90 degrees and your feet on the wall, pushing into it. You should then be able to lift your pelvis up slightly, which allows for good 360 degree breathing into the low back.

You can choose to have your arms up or down.

The goal: work to breath, inhale and exhale, deeply through the nose. If you can’t start with an inhale through the nose and an exhale through the mouth.

Passive Leg Lowering

Honestly one of my personal favorite mobilizations because I was told my hamstrings are tight for years and now I can wrap my hand under my foot and I give a lot of credit to moves like this.

Wrap a band around your up leg’s foot and get your leg STRAIGHT!!! There is nothing more important than keeping that leg straight, if you want this mobilization to actually work. (looking at the guys out there trying to cheat this one, I see you across the gym!)

Then slowly drop the other leg almost to the floor, exhaling so you feel your abs turn on to resist and the stretch in the up leg. Inhale and then return the down leg to the same height as the up leg and repeat 10 times per side.

Active Leg Lowering

Remember how I said this isn’t an article about meditation? Well, here is your AB CRUSHER!

Same exact exercise as the Passive Leg Lowering but now you take the band assist away so it’s YOUR job to hold that leg up STRAIGHT while dropping the other down.

If you can’t get your abs turned on and shaking with this one, just let me know and I will come to you and get you in the right position or help you relax your neck ☺

Remember, the same things apply: exhale as the leg goes down, inhale before the down leg starts moving back towards the up leg.

Breath well you givers and be healthy!

We are FIT Strong!
Coach Jared