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Gym math is HARD!

Gym Math is HARD! Do the numbers 135, 225, or 315 mean anything to you? Maybe some lottery pick combos you are about to use? How about the phrase: “Just pulled 4 wheels!” Why the heck would you pull 4 wheels when you could just roll them? If you are lost, it’s okay. “Pulling 4 […]

Sport Specialization – Get the most for your athlete

I am NOT a fan of athletes specializing in a sport early (ie. before their late teens, ideally not before the end of high school) But this is happening more frequently in more sports than ever in the US. So parents need some education on how to maximize this situation and help your young athlete […]

Don’t forget about your athlete’s foundation

With our ADAPT program for young athletes, we look at each individual like a pyramid. There are three layers: foundation layer on the bottom, athleticism layer in the middle and sport skills layer on the top. Ideally, we have an athlete who has a wide foundation, continually working on the basics (mobility, stability and strength) […]

Ab Training Without Stress

If training the abs correctly was easy, we would all be walking around with great posture and the multi-billion dollar back pain industry wouldn’t exist. But that just isn’t the case. So let’s at least kill two birds with one stone: decrease some of the stress associated with an arched, sympathetic posture by training the […]

Get the Blood Flowing in the Morning

5:30 am in the morning. To some of us, myself included, it’s a great time to be up before the workday, get energized and maybe get a training session in. For others, 5:30 am is akin to the F-bomb. You know who you are. Either way, the body has been horizontal and dormant for a […]

Don’t Waste Your Time Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a tool to improve mobility, not the end all, be all. And honestly, who has time for 10 or 15 minutes of foam rolling BEFORE a workout?  Not me! Instead, let’s be smart, pair it up with an activation exercise and make the most of our foam rolling time. The first thing […]

Own Your Deadlift Posture

Posture is a hot topic right now: standing desks to make it better, sitting is the new smoking, the key to relieving back pain is tied to your posture etc. But what if I were to tell you this: your posture can be less than perfect, particularly on the deadlift, IF (BIG IF) you maintain […]

No Pain All Gains

No pain, no gain! A phrase that is best left in the military ranks, not in the fitness world. And when it comes to stretching, particularly a contract/relax variation like this hamstring stretch above, no pain actually achieves all the gains! For this particular contract/relax hamstring stretch, a few pointers: You MUST achieve terminal knee […]

Start stretching your quads like THIS!

We have probably all grabbed a wall or a friend and done the basic quad stretch: grab your foot, pull it to your butt until your feel the front of your leg burn… It works OK. However, if you choose a split squat instead, actively lengthening the quad while shortening the antagonist glute/hamstring muscles and […]

If you want healthy shoulders, watch THIS

The rowing pattern is one of the best things you can do to maintain healthy shoulders. However, because of our all too common forward hunched “desk jockey” posture, a bilateral row can turn ugly really fast. How do you combat it? Insert the Single Arm Dumbbell Row! There are some simple keys to nailing your […]