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Stop Tweaking Your Hamstrings on Your Run!

Last summer I had just gotten myself over a calf tear and was feeling really good. So I decided to hit some sprints and see how balanced I felt after getting my calf back to full health. Well, I did one sprint too many. I got out of my stance, took 2 steps and felt […]

The Magic Potion for Strength

For decades we have been searching for the magic pill, the easy button to more strength, better stamina and ultimately the physique we all started this journey chasing. Well, I’ve found it! Sounds like a great infomercial right? You are sold, whatever comes next, you have your credit card ready. Except wait, just when you […]

Fixing Sticky Shoulders with Rowing

Shoulder’s are a pain in the, well shoulders… If you ever were an overhead thrower, be it baseball, softball, football, even volleyball, there is a good chance you have experienced shoulder pain. And it probably affects the “former” overhead throwers than those actively still doing it. So why is that? When you learn the skill […]

Get Off Your Toes and Squat!

As a coach, I have heard all the excuses as to why someone shouldn’t squat. The most prominent, and most understandable excuse is, “when I squat, it hurts my knees.” Hey, I don’t like to do things that hurt either, so I get it! And it’s fair because an improper squat, particularly when the load […]

Overloaded Structure Training at the Gym

For many athletes, we have been able to return to the gym. It’s great and most people are incredibly happy and feel blessed for a day or two. Then, reality sets in: I have lost strength. And while the reality is that you probably haven’t lost strength neurologically, your body is slightly deconditioned. Getting yourself […]

Build Back Your Strength at Home!

I have seen some pretty unique training ideas floating around neighborhoods in the last few months. The COVID Pandemic caused some serious problems and continues to do so but one of the positives was that people got outside and got creative to get their training in. However, we are creatures of habit and often think […]

Stamina through Trisets

COVID quarantine was a challenging time for many. But for some, it gave them an opportunity like they had rarely experienced as an adult: a chance to work from home, not have to travel and thus be able to workout daily! We advocated for our clients to be active daily, and if that meant doing […]

My Experience Without Carbs, Caffeine, Sugar or Alcohol

I know, everyone’s first thought is: NO WAY! There is no way you could go any amount of time without carbs, sugar, caffeine AND alcohol. Maybe eliminate one for a month… Well, to be honest, that is how I felt initially as well. So I started with caffeine in February 2020. I knew I had […]

Build Stamina for the Gym at Home!

Who has ever used the excuse, “I just don’t have time to workout”? If you didn’t raise your hand you either get paid to workout (awesome for you) or you are lying 🙂 Here’s the reality, sometimes life gets in the way: work, kids, social obligations or you just get lazy. But if you have […]

Be a Crouching Tiger and Attack Your Workout

Becoming a Crouching Tiger is probably easier than you think. It doesn’t require you to become an expert swordsman, in this instance. And, if you aren’t necessarily a fan of bear crawl variations because of how it bothers your wrist or elbow, the Crouching Tiger crawl might be perfect for you! This crawling variation is […]