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Make Push Ups Fun Again? (or maybe for the first time!)

Push ups get a bad name. Mostly, I think, because few people are ever taught how to do them correctly and are therefore put into a situation where they are likely to be unsuccessful when they do them. For example, I can recall being forced to do push ups when someone didn’t listen to Coach […]

A Different Way to Look at Goal Setting

Check out these coach to athlete scenarios about goal setting Scenario #1: Coach: “So, losing 15 lbs is what it’s all about for you? Cool. I think that’s a great goal because you want to look great in your jeans for date nights with your husband. It will give you confidence and make you feel […]

Pause (Squat) for Family Time

“The family that prays together, stays together.” Mother Teresa Right now, family is key. Being stuck at home for work while having your kids at home creates a unique bonding time that has never been experienced before. However, having everyone cooped up in the same place day in and day out can be a nightmare. […]

Thrust Your Way to a Better Butt and Gut

“Sitting is the new smoking.” I’m guessing by now, most everyone has heard that. And I would tend to agree. Sitting makes us lazier, more complacent to conform to society’s norm of a sedentary lifestyle AND it weakens our hip and core musculature. So, when you walk into the gym, it’s always the same thing: […]

Walk Taller with This Simple Shoulder Exercise

I love shoulders. Why you might ask? Well, for one, they comprise the most mobile joint structure in the human body. And the things they can do with the arm as a whip is, at times, electrifying. Think of a major league pitcher throwing 95 mph+ fastballs repeatedly over an entire baseball season without ever […]

Our Squat Endemic: Stop with the Knees Out Cue!

There is an endemic that has spread through the fitness industry. It grew out of the functional fitness boom that occurred, then was furthered by the growth of Crossfit. It’s a big problem and we need to put an end to it and set things straight. The endemic: the explosion of aggressive “knees out” squatting. […]

Healthy Elbows, Bigger Arms

Elbows are a pain. In fact, with the rise of younger and younger specialized athletes and an active baby boomer generation, treatments for things like tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) are on the rise. And then, when you add in the big boom of Crossfit over the last decade and a […]

The FIT Difference

Our gym, Functional Integrated Training, is different than most. For one, we don’t really have any “machines.” Most everything we have is free standing, moveable and usable in many different ways which allows you to move like you were intended. As I like to say, “we don’t need machines, YOU are the machine!” Second, when […]

Balance Yourself with Unbalanced Lunges

Experimentation in the fitness industry can be lacking at times. We all get caught up in the “right” way to do something rather than thinking logically or better yet, trying new things ourselves as coaches. This was one of my recent experiences in this arena. We were up north (for those that are NOT Wisconsinites, […]

Learn to Love the RDL!

It was a bright and beautiful morning. I was getting out of my hotel bed not yet knowing that what I experienced that day would change my life. You see, I was at my first seminar solely about fitness: coaching, business, everything. And it was that day that I met my now friend Pamela MacElree. […]


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