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Stalk Your Workout Like a Panther

It’s been a long time since your gym class days of having to do crab walk tag or a series of goofy animal walks to get warmed up, so why not bring it back! Creativity has been at an all time high during this pandemic and finding ways to use what you have (ie. your […]

Get Strong to Have Fun Exploring

What better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon than getting deep into the woods, explore a trail, find some wildlife or beautiful flowers and embrace how freaking cool nature is. However, many parks have been shut down with this COVID-19 pandemic and a lot of opportunities are just awaiting our arrival. So, in […]

Killer Pre-Run Warm Up

Spring has sprung and so have all the runners. The challenge is that most runners just lace up their shoes and go. THOSE runners end up injured at some point and/or probably never achieve their full potential during their actual run. So, instead of being THAT runner, be a FIT Strong runner. A FIT Strong […]

Add Power to Your Pedal Stroke

People are out on their bikes all over our neighborhood. Plus with a triathlon team down the road and some of the Ironman routes surrounding us, it’s a hotbed for bikers. Sometimes I want to just flag them down and tell them, “here, do these 3 things and I will make the rest of your […]

Stress Can Make You Harder to Kill

“Epidemics are a stress test for a system…the issue is how much resilience is built into those systems.” – Dr. Michael J. Ryan, WHO Informal Advisory Group Stress test, to me, takes me back to my late childhood. “Your dad is going in for a stress test,” my mom told me, “they want to make […]

Turn Big for Big Drives

It’s Springtime and the golf courses opened back up in Wisconsin April 24th. So even if we are still in our “safer at home” order, it’s time to crank up your training so you don’t crank up your back! As a golfer, you need to be able to rotate well around a sturdy foundation and […]

Root Down for Strength

Often we can’t see our toes, especially in our massive winter boots! But feet can scream confidence and strength OR weakness and self-doubt. If you are rocked back on your heels, there is a good chance you fall over if someone happens to run into you. FIT Strong Athletes get run into and the person […]

Protect Your Knees with Your Glutes

Anyone ever get excited about the explosive potential of a cowboy when they come strolling in all bow legged? Yeah…me neither… The reality is, demonstration of a more varus position with the knees (bow legged) is typical of an individual who is predisposed to better glute activation and therefore, more explosiveness. The much more common […]

Tips to Avoid Quasimoto Posture

Quasimodo was The Hunchback of Notre Dame. No one wants to be The Hunchback of [town you currently live in] Thus, it’s time to address poor posture and rounded shoulders before it’s too late. Plus, there is evidence supporting an increase in confidence with good posture, so why wouldn’t you want to feel as confident […]

Overhaul Your Body for Spring

If we are talking overhauling your body to get it prepared for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons, what better place to start than your….HEAD. You thought I was going to say abs weren’t you? See, here’s the issue with that. Do you know what innervates your gut? The Vagus nerve stemming from your brain. […]