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Ask about goals

Do you have a training partner? If so, what are their goals? We just got done with a series for our Coaches Walk the Talk on each of our favorite training partners. When you have a consistent partner, or even a new training partner that day, asking questions is critical to making the session fun […]

30% Feedback Rule

Our clients are Athletes, FIT Athletes to be specific. And therefore, when we coach, we treat them as such. Not someone who isn’t just showing up to the gym so they can say they have a trainer. Nor someone who trains at the gym to show off their guns to the ladies hoping for someone […]

Accurate Data for Accountability

Accountability can be challenging from afar. Whether you travel regularly and have to train on the road despite having a coach at home. Or you have a distance coach that you work with and train in your garage or basement. Training sessions are rarely done live and in-person and often times the only real way […]

Personal Accountability: Self Limiting Actions

Accountability is one of the most common reasons we hear as to why someone wants to train with us. “I just need someone to keep me accountable.” And the reality is, they are right. But we just help educate, make the process fun and attempt to provide an experience that is so enjoyable our Athletes […]

Train to Fight

If you workout, train, exercise or whatever, there is one purpose we should all be trying to achieve, to have the ability to fight. Notice what I said here, have the ability to fight. That doesn’t mean I condone a ‘Fight Club’ style game of trying to start a brawl everywhere you go. Nor does […]

Be That Kind Friend

Here’s the truth: accountability via social media DOES NOT WORK Everyone chooses to put their best on social media: best picture (with filters of course), best day of the week, best lift, best looking meal. But behind that is hard, trying, arduous tasks bogging them down and making them human. So, if you post your […]

Make Connections at the Gym, or Your 3rd Place

If you enjoy getting sloppy drunk at the bar after you get done with work and before you head home, I probably can’t help you. However, if the bar is your 3rd place because you love networking and connecting with people, I got you! Now I obviously prefer you do that networking and relationship building […]

Breathe Your Way to Better Training Results

You have your home, you have your work and then you have your place to get your sweat on: yoga, boxing, jogging, rowing, cycling, swimming etc. That could be your 3rd, or maybe 4th if you are a FIT Athlete, place which seems like a really healthy approach. And most of the time, it is! […]

Build Up Your Brakes After Lacing Up Your Kicks!

If your training place (the 3rd place) is the gym: meaning you love basketball, racquetball, pickleball, volleyball, basically anything with a ball, read on! Often times practice that used to happen, doesn’t anymore. And warm ups that used to be extensive and sweat inducing are short and maybe involve some toe touches and side bends […]

Quick and Effective Warm Up for Home Workouts

Our mission is for you to have three places: work, home and a place to train! Ideally it’s FIT because we can provide customized coaching and a constant eye on your form and technique. But we also realize that isn’t always going to be the case. If you have been putting in the time and […]