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How to build great looking, and strong, Lats!

Lats are one of the sexiest looking muscles on the body when well developed. I know, this isn’t my typical start to an article, but it’s true. If you have defined lats (latissimus dorsi) that are aesthetically pleasing, you WANT to sport a wide variety of tank tops in the summer. And ladies with great […]

Put the Fight Back in Your Glutes

I can’t let a month go by without discussing the importance of glute strength. I mean there is a strength coach, Bret Contreras, that has dedicated himself to the glutes! Clearly, if someone as smart as Bret is going to those lengths, the glutes are worth mentioning again and again. Today, though, I will take […]

Fixing IT Band Issues for GOOD!

The IT Band… For many people, those three words cause a cringing reaction and a natural tendency to grab the outside of their thigh and rub it incessantly, remembering how annoying and painful the IT band syndrome they experienced was. The reasons why the area on the outside of the thigh becomes agitated to a […]

Shoulder Issues, Time to Find the Pecs!

Shoulder issues are quite common in Gyms. You would be hard pressed to step into any Gym across the country, spend a day there and NOT here 5+ stories of bum shoulders, things they can’t do because of their shoulders or just watch guys and gals rubbing their shoulders during a training session. It’s not […]

How to Train by Listening to Your Body

If there is one thing I believe about training, it should be fun. For any of you who have ever had a strength coach, you may question the version of fun we have versus your definition of fun. But, think about a time you got done with a really tough training session. You were tired, […]

Lats NOW, Summer Body Later!

If there is one constant during Wisconsin winters, it’s traditions that involve staying warm. And by staying warm, I mean putting a good layer of insulation on via consumption of Brandy Old Fashioneds, Tom and Jerry’s, holiday treats and a delicious Prime Rib! Those are just some of my favorites, I’m sure you have yours. […]

Why We Love to Coach at FIT

Coaching for us at FIT isn’t just something we do as a job. It’s our passion. I want to be specific about this because it’s not our passion to train ourselves daily and show off our gains to our Athletes. Nor is it about coming in and finding new ways to make our Athletes pay […]

Parents Need to Take Time for Their Health!

As a father of twin daughters, I know the struggles of being a parent and trying to stay healthy. In a typical environment, we have the stress of keeping them active, keeping them from causing too much harm to themselves or each other plus actually fostering a home environment of learning and development. It’s a […]

Dec. 2020 – The BEST Healthy Holiday Eating Advice Ever!

Ladies and Gentlemen, something all of us have been wanting to hear for a long time, 2021 is right around the corner! Usually, the holiday season is a time of celebration for many, followed by regret and then a renewed energy to better oneself as the New Year approaches. I don’t think this year will […]

Personalizing Your Training with a Heart Rate Monitor

I remember back in high school we occasionally had to wear heart rate monitors for gym class. You got graded on your level of exertion. However, a few of us were athletes and going through gym class was a far cry from the level of exertion we experienced playing basketball or football. So, of course, […]


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