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  • How do you value a Personal Trainer?

    How do you value a Personal Trainer?

    Personal Training takes on many forms. I know some personal trainers that are masters of their craft and have been coaching for dozens of years. Their expertise is worth substantially more than the $300-400 it costs for a session with them. I also know of personal trainers whose only experience is coaching themselves through a program written by someone else and “look the part” but have no idea how to coach someone not exactly like them to results desired by that person. Regardless of price, this isn’t someone you want to go to, or send a loved one to. However, the two are indistinguishable on a website and the latter may even look more appealing because they do ....

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  • The COVID-19 vaccine response and Personal Training at FIT: More alike than we think

    The COVID-19 vaccine response and Personal Training at FIT: More alike than we think

    Social interaction, due to COVID-19, has likely been changed forever. Greeting someone has become this awkward interaction trying to figure out if you bump elbows, fist bump or approach them and they take a step back. But, with multiple viable COVID-19 vaccines now available, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. We can once again envision a culture where the social norms of high fiving, handshaking and hugging are not just accepted, but welcomed! And as we are rolling more and more doses of the vaccine out in Wisconsin, the conversation regarding which vaccine was received and what the response was brings to light two things for me: We have educated guesses right now but in ....

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  • How Often Should You Train?

    How Often Should You Train?

    How often should you train? Whew, that is a loaded question. So to start out with, I rarely deal in absolutes. Nothing is set in stone because we are all human and experience different things day to day. “A man never crosses the same river twice.” Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher Meaning that every time you come back to the same circumstance, say a workout you have done previously, you are a different person than the last time you did it. Additionally, the workout itself may be different. How, you ask? Maybe the music is different, the vibe is more or less energizing and in the case of our gym currently, a sled might not glide across humid turf the same way it did over that ....

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  • Rethinking Exercise: It’s a Movement!

    Rethinking Exercise: It’s a Movement!

    I loved climbing trees as a kid. Why? It stemmed from a few things I imagine: My dad was a mason and let me climb on his scaffolding when he was doing side jobs There was an ongoing curiosity about what it’s like to be taller, and who doesn’t want to see what being 25 feet tall looks like Overcoming obstacles and challenges suited me well. But here is the thing about climbing a tree, at any given moment, you can change your course or direction. If you deem one route impassable, there is likely another route that could allow you to still climb higher. And only you determine how high you want to climb. The higher you go, the more risk you incur. So, it’s ultimately up to ....

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  • Training with Low Back Pain

    Training with Low Back Pain

    Every time a potential client sits down with us to talk through their health history and goals, we ask a simple question: “what injuries do you have currently and previously?” And without having actual data tracked on this, I would venture a guess that 40% state they have low back pain or have had it in the past. Additionally, when we do our movement evaluation, we often find 20-30% more people recall an episode of low back pain at least once in their life. So, all in all we are talking about 60-70% of the people I have evaluated before EVER training with us have experienced low back pain of some kind. Needless to say, it’s an important topic and something we put a ....

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  • Better Than SMART Goal Setting

    Better Than SMART Goal Setting

    SMART goal setting, or at least the use of the acronym, has been around since the early 80’s and Peter Drucker is credited for the concept in his 1954 book “The Practice of Management.” So, it has some staying power. But is it truly the best way to set goals? Well, if you have read other blogs I have published on this topic, you would likely say NO! So the question is, if you don’t have access to someone like myself to walk you through the goal setting process, how can you accomplish it yourself? The key to ANY goal setting is understanding your intimate role in the objectives. You can call it your why, purpose, mission or multitudes of other words that have ....

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  • Can Walking Be a Workout?

    Can Walking Be a Workout?

    I have recently had this discussion with a number of people in a broad array of contexts so I feel it’s worth bringing up: 10,000 steps a day is NOT a workout, nor does it count as a replacement for a workout. Sorry to burst your bubble… First off, it’s MOVEMENT we are seeking with the idea of 10k steps. Moving that breathes life into an otherwise sedentary body: 1)The heart beats faster forcing the lungs to transport more oxygen in and more carbon dioxide out 2)The extremities (arms, hands, legs and feet) all get more blood and nutrients pumped to them and get the opportunity to push harsh metabolites up and out of the body 3)Similarly, more blood flow helps improve ....

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  • The Best Core Exercise You Aren’t Doing!

    The Best Core Exercise You Aren’t Doing!

    I’ve not met a single person who HASN’T done, or at least tried, a plank. It seems easier than a push up, I mean all you have to do is hold the position. It doesn’t require any equipment, so it can be done seemingly anywhere. It has almost endless variations: side plank, shoulder taps, mountain climbers etc. But, for those same reasons, there is something I’ve found more effective: Half Kneeling Pallof First off, what the heck is a Half Kneeling Pallof. It’s an exercise involving a single knee on the floor with a band or cable attached to a fixed point. Here’s a quick video demo of an anti-extension half kneeling pallof hold. So, why is it more ....

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  • Cardio for those that don’t like to do cardio!

    Cardio for those that don’t like to do cardio!

    “I don’t like to do cardio, period” That is a phrase I have heard uttered over and over by athletes upon stepping into our gym. And to be honest, after a stint of distance running in my 20’s, I tend to agree. I never really enjoyed the aspect of going out for a run and my body felt frail and weak comparatively. It was a means to an end; competition on race day was the biggest fuel I had to stoke the fire, and eventually that wasn’t enough. That being said, I DO like cardio, but the kind that comes by doing explosive athletic movements or heavy strength/power movements. Sprinting, agility drills, plyometrics, squatting, bench pressing etc. all are thoroughly ....

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