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The FIT Difference

Our gym, Functional Integrated Training, is different than most. For one, we don’t really have any “machines.” Most everything we have is free standing, moveable and usable in many different ways which allows you to move like you were intended. As I like to say, “we don’t need machines, YOU are the machine!” Second, when […]

Balance Yourself with Unbalanced Lunges

Experimentation in the fitness industry can be lacking at times. We all get caught up in the “right” way to do something rather than thinking logically or better yet, trying new things ourselves as coaches. This was one of my recent experiences in this arena. We were up north (for those that are NOT Wisconsinites, […]

Learn to Love the RDL!

It was a bright and beautiful morning. I was getting out of my hotel bed not yet knowing that what I experienced that day would change my life. You see, I was at my first seminar solely about fitness: coaching, business, everything. And it was that day that I met my now friend Pamela MacElree. […]

Big Bad Glute Max

Everyone admires a strong butt. You can’t deny that when you see someone walking down the street who fills their pants out on the backside, you think, man he/she must workout! I know I do and that’s because it’s true. Male or female, it’s quite clear that if you want a good looking backside, you […]

Split Squat Your Way to a Better Squat

“Your squat is off.” I just said what every coach has thought just about to every day of their coaching career. We watch people squat all day and think, “they butt wink at the end, gotta fix that,” or “there’s that lateral shift again, time to regress,” or “well they didn’t get below parallel so […]

We Need “Cheers” in 2020 More Than Ever

“Sometimes you wanna go Where everybody knows your name And they’re always glad you came…” If you have ever watched the TV show Cheers, you can probably carry on with the theme song lyrics from there. Now, I am dating myself with this but the reality is, almost everything “vintage” on TV is now available […]

Get Your Sexy BACK…

Rows are touted as the best exercise for EVERYONE’s posture. In fact, for years in the fitness industry, recommendations from the experts stated you should pull 2x as much as you push (think 2 reps of rows for every 1 rep of bench pressing). Recently, at the PPSC course I attended, their research took it […]

Hollow Your Body for Great Push Ups

Push ups are not only the nemesis of many a female athlete bound and determined to be able to crush an awesome looking push up, but also the punishment of choice for many coaches outside of gassers (if you don’t know what gassers are, ask a friend who played a high school sport, they will […]

Hurt Your Back Bending Over? Try This Exercise!

I can’t recount the amount of times someone has come to me and said, “I was out just doing some yard work and I bent over to pick up the shovel and my back seized up. Got any stretches for me to do?” And the answer isn’t always the same, because the individual situation dictates […]

Plank Your Overhead Press

Everyone knows what a plank looks like; Most people understand how to do one well; Some people can actually do one well; Few people understand how to plank when they press overhead. It’s interesting to see people and the ways they try to press a weight overhead. You will see leaning one way and then […]