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If you want healthy shoulders, watch THIS


The rowing pattern is one of the best things you can do to maintain healthy shoulders. However, because of our all too common forward hunched “desk jockey” posture, a bilateral row can turn ugly really fast. How do you combat it? Insert the Single Arm Dumbbell Row! There are some simple keys to nailing your […]

Simplify Your Windmill


Windmills can be a frustrating exercise to learn, so here are some simple tips to instantly improve your Windmill and develop massive trunk stability and unilateral hip strength: The same side hip of the up arm is your single leg hinge leg – R arm up, R hip is hinging back and drives forward to […]



Motivation is probably one of the MOST talked about topics on social media and any health and wellness blogs out there today. Why? Because motivation to accomplish your goals is THAT important. Although most people recognize the value of motivation and see those that are highly motivated as successful in life (see ANY personal trainer […]

Constant Evolution


Life sure can be demanding, right? On any given day, stresses are high as we deal with trying to balance the constant bombardment of life. Keeping our batteries charged and at the ready is tough, especially if we want to run on 100% for our work, our families and life. FIT serves as a battery […]

Empowered & Confident


“We are FIT Strong” is the mantra we use, but it’s more than just a mantra. It empowers, it builds confidence and it unites our Athletes into a tight knit community. For many, stepping into a new gym for the first time is an overwhelming and intimidating moment. Picture this…. You’re excited to get back […]

What is FIT Strong?


“We are FIT Strong!” That is the mantra in our gym. One our FIT community claims loud and proud. FIT Strong starts on day one. Everyone in our gym begins somewhere, wants to keep bettering themselves and might even find new, healthy hobbies along the way. This is a lot of what FIT Strong embodies: […]

Are Your Friends Holding You Back From Your Fitness Goals?


By Luke Briggs, CSCS, PN-1, Coach at FIT Some of our friends want to… • Watch football and drink all weekend long • Watch 2-3 hours of Netflix every night instead of working out or meal prepping • Eat out just about every meal • Claim they “don’t have time” to exercise or eat well […]

5 Steps to Set & Keep Your New Year’s Resolution


By Luke Briggs, CSCS, PN-1, Coach at FIT Every year, about 2/3 of Americans set health-related goals for the new year. Of those people, nearly ¾ quit before they reach their goal, and nearly half give up on their goal in six weeks or less. So how do you set goals for 2018 that will […]

Strength training injury prevention Weight training injury prevention

3 Nutrients To Help Prevent Work-Out Injuries


Have you ever felt that sometimes, as athletes, we are a bit too fatalistic when it comes to work-out injuries? For a group of people that are so in tune with their bodies and in control of their weight and fitness, our Wellness Consultants at Apple Wellness often surprised at how many of us athletes […]