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Have the Strength to give back…squat!

Strength comes in many forms. But during the season of giving, having the energy, capacity or willpower to give back is just substituting other words for “strength!” Physical strength is necessary for anyone to give as much as they are capable of and, in my opinion, there is nothing greater to develop physical strength than […]

Hip Train Tracks

An ideal deadlift looks simple, and it is: hinge down, lock onto the bar, pull out the slack and stand up. So, if YOUR deadlift feels like you are twisting or shifting side to side, you need to build some train tracks for your hips and legs! What are heck are train tracks? They are […]

Self-Care for Wrists and Ankles

If you ever spent any amount of time playing a contact sport, you likely have rolled your ankle. It’s almost inevitable. And if you have ever skied, snowboarded or done anything where learning involved falling, you have probably banged your wrist a few times during those crash “learning” opportunities. Ankles are wrists are easy to […]

Self-Care for Your Elbows and Knees

Knees and elbows: the bane of my existence. I almost cringe thinking about these bad boys. I have subluxed my knees more than I can count at this point and I have a love/hate relationship with front squats, especially when I’ve been desk ridden for a long time – my elbows take the brunt of […]

Self-Care Strategies for Mobilizing the 4 Knots

What the heck are the 4 knots? It’s NOT the key to a good first mate on a ship or the necessary knowledge needed to earn a Boy Scout badge. Today, I’m talking about the 4 knots of the body: shoulder joints and hip joints. 4 areas of the body that when functioning with full […]

Breathing for Self-Care

It is the season of giving! However, for some, giving is happening 24/7/365. And for those, self care is crucial to allow them to be the best version of themselves for those they serve. Stress, even when you are passionate about the idea of giving and helping others, still exists. And one of the best […]

Staying FIT for Recreational Sports as You Age

As you age, finding 9 people to play baseball (really 18) or 6-10 to play basketball is more and more challenging. Hence why people take up sports like golf and tennis. You can play with one other person or even alone (particularly in golf!) And for these ROTATIONAL sports, stability and strength are required but […]

Strength for Gardeners

Gardening is a hobby many retired adults pick up: they finally have the time, they enjoy working with their hands and they have the opportunity to sit back afterwards and appreciate the fruits of their labor. But gardening can take it’s toll on the body if you aren’t preparing for the labor involved: bending, squatting, […]

Strength Training for Travel and Adventure

If you love to travel or seek out adventure, you know your body has to be prepared for just about anything. And since we can’t spend all our time out seeking new adventures (maybe you can but SOME of us have to work!) we have to find ways to prepare the body. And loaded carry […]

Resistance Training as You Age

There are plenty of keys to aging well out there today: take 10 grams of fish oil a day, eat 2 lbs of vegetables a week, take a free sucker punch at one person a week (okay, just kidding. I wanted to make sure you were actually reading!) Aging well is dependent on what you […]