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Crush Your “I Wish” Goals

Three women stood over their bar, perplexed…. I wish I could do a 45kg Snatch!” How could these stupid 15kg yellow plates keep frustrating them, causing stress and anxiety every time max effort Snatches appears on their program? For months, a 45kg Snatch stood in the way of progress for three of our lifters. They […]

Achieve a Full Depth Squat

A full depth squat in your first ever strength training class was a big NO-NO. Coach said, “it will hurt your knees to go below parallel!” They were wrong! A full depth squat is something we should all strive to achieve for healthy lower body joints through a full range of motion (ROM). That doesn’t […]

Accomplish Your First Pull Up

Think back to middle school. There was that bar that hung ominously in the corner of the basketball court. Everyone dreaded the day when the PE teacher walked the group over to gather around it and test…you guessed it…the pull up! And if you were one of those who was never able to achieve a […]

Own Your Push Ups

One of the most common performance goals we hear as coaches: I want to do push ups. But good ones, not the ugly ones you often see in the group training classes at your local big box gym. So how do you train to improve the push up? Many people have tried variations of the […]

Crossover Symmetry Low (Part 2)

Crossover Symmetry is a great tool to get and keep your shoulders healthy. And when used in conjunction with the eye level exercises, you can get the whole 7 exercises done in under 5 minutes, which is great before or after a workout. Rule #1: Bands are ALWAYS crossed over, hence the name of the […]

Crossover Symmetry High

Not as much a FIT Service Announcement, more like cool sh!t we have in the gym, ie. Crossover Symmetry Top three exercises (not the best three), just the ones that need to be done from the above eye level attachment point Rule #1: Bands are ALWAYS crossed over, hence the name of the tool Rule […]

4 Knot Mini Band Madness

Movement happens from the inside out. Therefore, stability starts at the trunk or “core” and then the big movers around the shoulders and hips drive ALL movement. And strengthening these big movers with big lifts are FUN! Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Press etc. But, to get the most out of your body and really provide yourself […]

The Butt Matters

Here’s the deal, if you want peak athletic performance OR strong hips and low back OR healthy shoulders, your gotta get your butt strong! The glute complex is the strongest, most explosive complex in your body. To train the area well you need a combination of heavy weight and lots of volume in all planes […]

Have the Strength to give back…squat!

Strength comes in many forms. But during the season of giving, having the energy, capacity or willpower to give back is just substituting other words for “strength!” Physical strength is necessary for anyone to give as much as they are capable of and, in my opinion, there is nothing greater to develop physical strength than […]

Hip Train Tracks

An ideal deadlift looks simple, and it is: hinge down, lock onto the bar, pull out the slack and stand up. So, if YOUR deadlift feels like you are twisting or shifting side to side, you need to build some train tracks for your hips and legs! What are heck are train tracks? They are […]