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Better Than SMART Goal Setting

SMART goal setting, or at least the use of the acronym, has been around since the early 80’s and Peter Drucker is credited for the concept in his 1954 book “The Practice of Management.” So, it has some staying power. But is it truly the best way to set goals? Well, if you have read […]

Training with Low Back Pain

Every time a potential client sits down with us to talk through their health history and goals, we ask a simple question: “what injuries do you have currently and previously?” And without having actual data tracked on this, I would venture a guess that 40% state they have low back pain or have had it […]

Rethinking Exercise: It’s a Movement!

I loved climbing trees as a kid. Why? It stemmed from a few things I imagine: My dad was a mason and let me climb on his scaffolding when he was doing side jobs There was an ongoing curiosity about what it’s like to be taller, and who doesn’t want to see what being 25 […]

How Often Should You Train?

How often should you train? Whew, that is a loaded question. So to start out with, I rarely deal in absolutes. Nothing is set in stone because we are all human and experience different things day to day. “A man never crosses the same river twice.” Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher Meaning that every time you come […]

Can your knees pass your toes when you squat?

Squatting is one of the most important movements we can do for our health and yet, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. First of all, EVERYONE can squat. Yes, there are multitudes of variations but, in the end, EVERYONE can squat. Knee issues, hip issues, back issues, whatever the ailment, there is still a […]

How to build great looking, and strong, Lats!

Lats are one of the sexiest looking muscles on the body when well developed. I know, this isn’t my typical start to an article, but it’s true. If you have defined lats (latissimus dorsi) that are aesthetically pleasing, you WANT to sport a wide variety of tank tops in the summer. And ladies with great […]

Put the Fight Back in Your Glutes

I can’t let a month go by without discussing the importance of glute strength. I mean there is a strength coach, Bret Contreras, that has dedicated himself to the glutes! Clearly, if someone as smart as Bret is going to those lengths, the glutes are worth mentioning again and again. Today, though, I will take […]

Fixing IT Band Issues for GOOD!

The IT Band… For many people, those three words cause a cringing reaction and a natural tendency to grab the outside of their thigh and rub it incessantly, remembering how annoying and painful the IT band syndrome they experienced was. The reasons why the area on the outside of the thigh becomes agitated to a […]

Shoulder Issues, Time to Find the Pecs!

Shoulder issues are quite common in Gyms. You would be hard pressed to step into any Gym across the country, spend a day there and NOT here 5+ stories of bum shoulders, things they can’t do because of their shoulders or just watch guys and gals rubbing their shoulders during a training session. It’s not […]


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