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Be That Kind Friend

Here’s the truth: accountability via social media DOES NOT WORK

Everyone chooses to put their best on social media: best picture (with filters of course), best day of the week, best lift, best looking meal. But behind that is hard, trying, arduous tasks bogging them down and making them human.

So, if you post your goal out onto social media for your “friends” to see and hold you accountable, you are only likely to post about your success in reaching that goal.

But what about the real work that has to happen that isn’t the best but will have the greatest impact on you achieving your goal? Who is going to be there to pull you through those moments?

You need a real friend who is kind to you rather than nice.

And yes, there is a difference between being nice and being kind.

Here is what being nice looks like: your friend needs help overcoming an obstacle standing in her way of achieving her goal, she is stuck in a proverbial hole and you empathize and jump down in the hole with her.

Not very productive for your friend….

However, the kind friend approaches this differently. Instead of jumping in the hole, the kind friend finds a way to get his friend out of the hole thus allowing her to get back on track towards her goals!

So it’s pretty simple, be willing to be the kind friend, the one that calls BS when the person that needs them is taking actions counterintuitive towards their goals.

A kind friend is a true friend and one I love to have on my side!

Coach Jared