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Be a Crouching Tiger and Attack Your Workout

Becoming a Crouching Tiger is probably easier than you think. It doesn’t require you to become an expert swordsman, in this instance.

And, if you aren’t necessarily a fan of bear crawl variations because of how it bothers your wrist or elbow, the Crouching Tiger crawl might be perfect for you!

This crawling variation is great on a full body training day. It’s intended to be stealthy, smooth and controlled.

Similar to the Panther crawl, you shouldn’t go through this fast and aggressive. Imagine you are truly a crouching tiger hunting down prey.

Start on your elbows with your feet behind you, basically in a plank position.
Bring one knee up as you move the opposite elbow forward.

Keep your hips low and trunk engaged throughout. By the time you get through 10-20 reps/side, you should feel like the entire body is quite warm 🙂

It can be easy to overshoot your hip mobility, don’t. Instead, work with what you have and you will improve with practice.

If the hips rise it will change the pattern drastically and result in something that looks nothing like a crouching tiger and won’t have nearly the same impact.

However, when done right, you will feel like a caged tiger ready to pounce on and destroy your training session!

Coach Jared