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Ask about goals

Do you have a training partner?

If so, what are their goals?

We just got done with a series for our Coaches Walk the Talk on each of our favorite training partners.

When you have a consistent partner, or even a new training partner that day, asking questions is critical to making the session fun and productive at the same time.

Ask questions like:

What are your long-term training goals?

What are your training goals right now?

Why is it you want to accomplish your goals?

How do you plan on accomplishing that goal?

The goal isn’t to question their motives but to better understand where they are coming from and how you can facilitate success as their training partner.

If you have a consistent training partner, you need to ask these questions regularly as goals and life circumstances change and that can make for very different training focuses month to month.
And if you have a new training partner, it could be the start to an awesome friendship if you come to find they have similar interests or training objectives.

We all like to hear our own voice, and it’s fun to learn what others are trying to achieve. So ask questions and listen.

And most importantly, remember a good accountability partner is kind not nice!

Coach Jared