Annalise Simsek joined the F.I.T. staff in 2013.

As an equestrian athlete, she noticed a lack of resources on strength and conditioning in the sport, so she decided to become the resource herself. Now, Annalise is bringing her knowledge back to the sport of equestrian so equestrians see themselves as athletes.

She’s a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Functional Movement Screen Level 1 Specialist and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach.

Annalise graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 1994 with a bachelor of arts degree in finance and economics and earned a bachelor of science degree in architecture from the University of East London in 2003.
Annalise is also working independently to develop specific strength and conditioning programs for equestrian athletes. She’s the owner of Equestrian Elite, LLC. You can visit her website at

She was once told by doctors she would never be able to take part in athletic activities again after suffering a debilitating back injury, but Annalise proved them wrong and is now stronger than ever!
When not working with human athletes, she trains equine athletes (i.e. horses) and helps them become better able to cope with the extreme demands of the sport of equestrian. Annalise also has an innate ability to help horses come back from injury.

Here are some fun facts about Annalise:

She competed at the North American Irish Dance Championships in Toronto in 1990.

She also speaks four languages (English, Turkish, Bulgarian and German) and is a citizen of three countries (United States, United Kingdom and Turkey).

As a kid, Annalise wanted to be the character Joey on the TV show Fury because “he was the only person that could ride the stallion.” She also wanted to be a fighter pilot because she was fascinated by power and speed.

Instead, Annalise settled for performance sport horses and fast cars!

Oh, and she used to be a famous person in Turkey!